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Woodworking Couple Decide to Make Close to 1,400 Toys

There are many reasons why some children can't have a toy, but Mike and Judy Sullivan are trying to make sure some kids get toys. This couple could be considered Santa's little helpers because they spend days in their workshop working on toys that they donate to local charities.

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Christmas Celebrations In Denver This Year

With the Christmas holiday fast approaching, Denver will not look the same this year as it always has. There will be some exceptions like lap-visits with Santa, 'Nutcracker,' and ice-skating rink following the city and state-mandated safety measures.

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Christmas During Covid-19, What to Expect

With the events of 2020 and the arrival of Covid-19 on the scene around the world, there is a rising concern about how the current and future restrictions will impact our celebration of Christmas this year. With continued limits on social gatherings and social distancing requirements, we need to start ...

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Forecast on 2020 Holiday Shopping

The forecast for holiday shopping and spending patterns of the consumers will show a noticeable pullback in spending on developing small businesses, and rising consumer expectations in the behavior of the brands they purchase from. The prediction doesn’t bode well for e-tailers and retailers. A report from Braze, the provider ...

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What to Do on Christmas Day

Christmas day has always been a day to open up presents, but is that all it should be? The following are a few things you can do on this magical day you might not have considered.

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Updated in August 2020

Denver: The second most Gentrified city in the U.S.

A study conducted by the National Community Reinvestment Coalition has revealed that Denver is the second most gentrified city in the United States. The study found out that gentrification was not only contributing to the growth of the city but also impacting the lives of people.

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How Different Countries Celebrate (or Don't Celebrate) Christmas

Christmas is traditionally a religious celebration for the birth of Jesus Christ. Throughout the years, it has become a more secular holiday that is celebrated on a much more cultural level. It has become a season of giving and cheer, and is even celebrated throughout the month of December in ...

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How to Flock a Christmas Tree

Getting the Christmas tree just right takes patients and a little knowledge. One thing that helps lift the spirits during the holidays is having a snowy tree. This is the reason you should learn how to flock your tree, which the following will help with.

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How to Care for a Christmas Cactus

Having beautiful flowering plants in the home can definitely add to its ambiance. There are so many options to choose from. Christmas cacti are certainly a worthwhile choice. When properly maintained, these plants will bloom multiple times a year and their bright, festive flowers can be enjoyed all year long.

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LED vs Halogen Lighting on a Job site

Most people use different types of bulb-based lighting on their job sites. Although LED technology was started several years ago, very few construction companies have taken up the technology. The truth is that LED lighting has a lot of advantages.

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16th Street Mall Reconstruction Rising Concerns

In 2019 there were reports of an ambitious project to reconstruct the 16th Street Mall. The reconstruction work included among other things the removal of the median from the 1.2-mile stretch that lies between Broadway and Market street in order - to create more space on both sides of the ...

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Current Denver Warehouse Projects

Denver is growing, and real estate development in the area is flaming hot in 2020. What’s happening? What does it mean for developers, businesses, employees, and consumers? Let’s take a look.

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