Christmas is a time to be cheerful, make merry, and be happy. Yet a very important part of this festive season is the art of giving. Family and friends get together to give and receive gifts as part of the Christmas tradition. It is fair to say that deciding on an impressive gift for someone is not a walk in the park. However, even after finding the perfect gift for someone, a lot of people realize that they do not possess the skills to properly wrap a gift. This article will help you out. In some really simple steps, we will show you how to wonderfully wrap a gift before giving it to that cherished person. You will require some tape, scissors and of course wrapping paper.

Step 1: Collect your gift-wrapping materials

You will need a large flat surface that has some free space for this. A good idea would be your dining or kitchen table. Then gather your wrapping paper, tape, scissors and of course your present.

Step 2: Put the delicate items in the box

Ensure that your items especially the breakable ones are safely wrapped in the box. It is important that they do not move around in the box as this could cause them some harm. You could use some soft padding on them such as some tissue or serviette.

Step 3: Estimate the amount of wrapping paper to use for your gift and cut it

Spread your wrapping paper and put the gift or the box in the middle of the wrapping paper. You should do this in an upside position so that the joints of the paper will end up at the bottom of the case. Then try and gauge how much extra wrapping paper you will need for the areas of the box that have not been covered and cut it. Make the cuts long and even for a smooth appearance.

Step 4: Attach the paper to the gift box

Place the box in the middle of the wrapping paper and lift one side of the paper and bring it halfway to the top. Using some tape, fix that side of the paper to the box.

Step 5: Fold the other side of the paper

Use your fingers to make a tight fold and create a clean line by folding over roughly the last inch of the paper. Then, bring the second side of the paper up and over the first.

Step 6: Tuck the paper on each side of the gift

From one end, crease down the top fold to the side of the box. This will make two little extensions at the side. Flatten them against the box and bring the remaining triangle of wrapping paper against the box and seal it with some tape.

Step 7: Repeat to the other sides

Putting the side you just finished facing downwards, repeat the above step on the other side of the box.

After finishing the above steps, you could add decorations like gift tags and ribbons, and just like that, your gift will be wrapped exquisitely.