What's in a toy? This is a simple question with a simple answer, which is joy, yet many needy children in America can't get a toy.

There are many reasons why some children can't have a toy, but Mike and Judy Sullivan are trying to make sure some kids get toys. This couple could be considered Santa's little helpers because they spend days in their workshop working on toys that they donate to local charities.

The couple own a workshop in Desert Hot Springs for quite some time. It started as a hobby a couple of years ago. They were both interested in woodworking, so they joined a little club. Their skills grew, and they fell in love with the joy their toys brought kids.

It didn't take long to realize that this is what they wanted to do with their lives, and they've been running their business successfully since. They love making toys and love working together.

Mike handles the toy production in their workshop, and Judy helps with decorations. She also oversees the end-product for quality control. Other family members work with them as well. Many of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren work with the couple to make sure the toys bring joy to as many children as possible.

Mike's love for homemade Christmas gifts started in his childhood. Many of the presents he was given as a child were homemade. The reason this was the case was that his family didn't have much money, but he appreciated the effort his family put into each gift.

Mike is a 26-year army vet; he's seen hardship around the world, and now he's seeing it again in a different form. The pandemic has presented an unbelievable challenge to many families through no fault of their own. Many families can't spend their limited funds on non-essential items, and toys fall in that category.

This is the reason the couple took on a challenge this year. The challenge was to create close to 1,400 toys for kids who might not have gotten any toys this year. The toys the couple made included everything, from puzzles to animal figures. Of course, they made sure to always observe the guidelines to keep everyone in the workshop safe as they produced these toys.

The toys were meant to warm the hearts of children all over the place. They offered the toys free of charge just like St. Nick would have wanted. The couple started a GoFundMe page to help ensure they can continue making and giving these toys away for free to those in need.

Mike and Judy don't really get a chance to see any of the children get their toys, but that doesn't stop them from feeling good about what they do. The couple knows that their toys are bringing joy when families need it the most, and that's more than enough for them.