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Are LEDs Hurting Our Health?

Are LED lights polluting our health? While incandescent light bulbs are much less energy efficient than light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, the 95 percent or so less energy use may be sacrificing your health.

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Problems with Outdoor LED Lighting

As population centers around the world began implementing LED lights, cities decided to increase the areas they illuminate due to the notion of cost savings. Consequently, a global reduction in energy use is not being realized.

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LED Lighting for Senior Emergency Care Provider

A specialized LED lighting system is being installed at The Gary and Mary West Emergency Department (ED), located inside of UC San Diego. The new lighting system is being implemented to improve the working conditions for clinicians work long hours overnight and to help with discerning and diagnosing hazardous conditions ...

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Cree to Sell LED Lighting Business

Cree, an LED lighting, semiconductor and other lighting products developer is planning to sell ("Cree Lighting")- its lighting products sector. Lighting for businesses and LED light fixtures are all included within the business unit. Ideal Industries is going to acquire it for roughly $310 million (before taxes). The deal is ...

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Denver Housing Market Slowing Down

A report by Zillow shows that the metro Denver area has the housing market with the fasting “cool down” rate outside of the biggest cities located in California. According to the rankings, the city has the fifth fastest housing market cool down behind Californian metro areas San Francisco, Los Angeles, ...

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Smartphone Voting Coming to Denver

Voting on our smartphones may soon be a reality. Voatz is a Boston-based company that combines biometrics with blockchain technology. West Virginia already used its voting services in 2018. Now Denver hopes to build off its success to offer new options. The city will make smartphone ballots available to ...

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How To Fix Christmas Lights

While strands of Christmas lights may only be used for a few weeks each year by most people, you understandably want to get the most mileage out of them. Regardless of whether you have indoor, outdoor or indoor/outdoor strands, they may develop several common issues with regular use over the ...

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Decorating Your Christmas Tree with Lights

The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree is said to have its origins in Germany over 350 years ago. Nearly 200 hundred years later, people began adding candles to light the trees and faced the challenge of how to attach the candles without setting the house on fire.

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Is Christmas About Convenience Or Tradition?

The downside is that artificial trees lack the personal experience of a traditional visit to a tree farm, the fresh air, the choosing of a unique tree, bringing it home and decorating it with decorations that hold family memories. The twinkle of Christmas lights blends well with the smell of ...

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Updated in December 2018

Christmas Lights are Going to Cost More This Year

As the Trump administration enacts its plan for global trade wars, the effects are starting to hit home, and companies in Republican states are feeling the pinch. Now, red state mega corporation Walmart is pushing back at the Trump administration to save Christmas ... or Christmas lights at least.

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Denver Journalists Put News on a Blockchain

The Internet changed how we view information. One area that saw substantial profits shift from centralized news agencies to independents like online bloggers was journalism. In fact, Twitter and Facebook became a favorite choice for obtaining the news.

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Updated in September 2018

Understanding How LED Lighting Works

In the past several years, the conventional light bulb has started to become phased out and replaced by light emitting diodes. LED Lighting has become really popular because they use very little electricity and burn just as brightly as the regular incandescent bulbs.

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