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Decorating Your Christmas Tree with Lights

The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree is said to have its origins in Germany over 350 years ago. Nearly 200 hundred years later, people began adding candles to light the trees and faced the challenge of how to attach the candles without setting the house on fire.

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Is Christmas About Convenience Or Tradition?

The downside is that artificial trees lack the personal experience of a traditional visit to a tree farm, the fresh air, the choosing of a unique tree, bringing it home and decorating it with decorations that hold family memories. The twinkle of Christmas lights blends well with the smell of ...

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Updated in December 2018

Christmas Lights are Going to Cost More This Year

As the Trump administration enacts its plan for global trade wars, the effects are starting to hit home, and companies in Republican states are feeling the pinch. Now, red state mega corporation Walmart is pushing back at the Trump administration to save Christmas ... or Christmas lights at least.

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Denver Journalists Put News on a Blockchain

The Internet changed how we view information. One area that saw substantial profits shift from centralized news agencies to independents like online bloggers was journalism. In fact, Twitter and Facebook became a favorite choice for obtaining the news.

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Updated in September 2018

Understanding How LED Lighting Works

In the past several years, the conventional light bulb has started to become phased out and replaced by light emitting diodes. LED Lighting has become really popular because they use very little electricity and burn just as brightly as the regular incandescent bulbs.

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Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights

Christmas just wouldn't feel like Christmas without the millions of twinkling lights. They make the modest places seem festive and magical. Some people prefer subtle approach, outlining the roofline and maybe adding a couple of lighted topiaries on each side of the front entrance. Others enjoy a more elaborate affair ...

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Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

Many people consider the day after Christmas to be Boxing Day. Traditionally the name was a result of the need to remove empty boxes from the house after all of the Christmas gifts had been opened. Over time Boxing Day has evolved into whatever day homeowners decide to pack away ...

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Saving on Electricity During the Holidays

The electricity bill after the holidays can catch you by surprise, and this usually marks the end of the holidays so it is an unwelcome surprise. This year, save yourself the shock without losing out on your favorite Christmas traditions.  Here are some small tips you can apply to cut unnecessary spending ...

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Christmas Light Power Usage & Extension Cords

Before buying your Christmas lights you will need to have the right extension cords, timers and power calculations.  Given these we will be able to calculate the total amount of power you can use which may limit the total amount of Christmas Lights you can buy.

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The Christmas Devil Krampus : From Mythology to Festivals

The fabled Christmas devil Krampus is the exact opposite of Santa Claus. Santa pampers sweet children with gifts and treasures, while leaving only coal for mischievous ones. On the other hand, Krampus rewards no children, but he will whip them or worse yet, he will steal them and take them ...

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Why is the American Jewish Christmas Linked to Chinese Food?

Christmas is a holiday that has transcended and been celebrated by several cultures. To some, it is a day to celebrate the birth of whom some call the savior but to others it is a day when a jolly, plump man in a red suit goes around giving toys away. ...

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Santa's Chinese Workshop

When you decorate your home with festive Christmas decorations each year, you may not pause to think about where they are made. The reality, however, is that many of your holiday decorations are likely made in Yiwu, China. This is a very commercialized environment that is anything but the vision ...

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