The Crestron Lighting System is breaking new ground and pushing the boundaries of what home automation can be. The Crestron L-Fiber has been developed with a new concept: the ability to control LED light fixtures. This innovative LED light fixture can control over 30 million colors and bring incredible lighting into your home or business. A compact package that is scalable up to 8 fixtures and includes intelligent detection, audio/visual cues, zero-crossing tuning, and more – you can expect consistent results when using an unusual range of fiber optic lights for presentations or color filming. The slim body allows placement in even the tightest environments without cluttering up your design aesthetic.

Crestron L-Fiber Product Features

  • Slim Body – The Crestron L-Fiber is only 1mm thick and is about the handful thickness of three pieces of paper. It is mounted on any flat surface or paintable to blend in with your decor.
  • Simple Configuration – The L-Fiber is easy to configure and get you started. You need to connect the control end of the cable to a power source and then the lighting end to your lights. The rest is configurable via your Crestron control system so that you can manage all of your fixtures from one simple cable.
  • Tunable White – In addition to being able to control the color of your lights, you can also control the white temperature of your lights so that you can create a full spectrum of colors that match your mood or needs. The white temperature is tunable to allow you to change between warm and cool hues and make other customizations.
  • Zero-Crossing Tuning – Zero crossing tuning is a technology that Crestron uses to minimize the amount of interference that can occur when multiple fixtures are connected. This is especially important if you have other Home Automation devices in your home or business trying to send information to your lights.
  • Dimmable – All LED lights should be capable of being dimmed, and these fixtures can be paired with Crestron Dimmers. Choose from a full RGB light (13,000 colors) or use shades of different colors to match your mood or the type of lighting you are using.
  • All-in-one – If you are going to have all of your lights controlled by one cable, you might as well have multiple endpoints to point them individually in the direction you want. These fixtures are all-in-one light sticks capable of being pointed in any direction, so if you want your lights to point down, you need to point them down.
  • Capable of 30 million colors – Crestron L-Fiber light fixtures can be used for amazing presentations and color filming. These LEDs can be calibrated to produce over 30 million colors, which means that you will have no trouble choosing the perfect pattern for your lighting style.


In conclusion, the Crestron L-Fiber is an innovative cable capable of adding lighting fixtures to any home. It can be used to control various lights and allow you to create tunable white light and change it between warm and cool colors with its unique technology. This is a surprisingly powerful cable with so much flexibility that you will wonder how you ever got along without one. The ability to control different lighting fixtures allows you to create an environment in your home that is customizable for your needs and wants.

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