Environmental activists say that one of the simplest ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle Christmas decorations is to collect used ornaments through the holidays. You can then take them back to your community recycling center or place them in a container labeled "Ornaments." This can help preserve the local environment by keeping unwanted ornaments from ending up in landfills. Also, this is a great way to create a new family tradition. This article details a few additional ways to reuse or recycle your holiday decorations.


If you have a real tree, it is not environmentally friendly to dispose of it in a landfill. Typically, trees are either chipped and buried or even burned. Instead, recycle the tree with these ideas:

1. Wildlife Habitat: A Xmas tree can easily be turned into a habitat for wildlife. Plant the tree in the ground or sink it into a body of water, such as a pond. They can be used to provide shelter for birds during winter and nesting spots for bugs. Squirrels and raccoons might also be interested in nesting in the tree.

2. Landscaping: Another way to recycle a tree is to plant it into the ground, either on your property or in someone else's. This can create a wonderful addition to any yard with its evergreen leaves and color. It can be used as landscaping or privacy screening, especially if the tree grows taller than the surrounding trees. If it doesn't grow too tall, you can leave your tree up through the summer if you like. Keep it watered, and eventually, it will turn brown and fall apart on its own in early fall (as opposed to having to put it on fire).

3. Mulching: Another way to recycle the tree is to mulch it. This can be used on bare patches of land to help reduce erosion, improve soil quality, and provide animal habitat. Mulch can also be used in a garden to keep the sward cool and moist, as well as help reduce weeds.

4. Firewood: You can use a Xmas tree as firewood and have enough to last you all winter.

5. Make wooden coasters: Another use for your recycled Xtmas tree is to make coasters. Cut the bark off one side of a branch or trunk and use it to place drinks on. The needles will keep them from sliding all over your coffee table, and the natural look of the coasters makes this an attractive option for anyone interested in going green.


Seasonal Christmas lights are another perfect item for recycling, as not all of them end up in the trash. Instead, you can reuse these ornaments to create DIY Xmas lights that are both beautiful and useful. Some ideas include using them to decorate your house, hanging them from your trees, or even using them as a wreath where you wrap the wire around the top of the tree so that it holds itself together. Another idea is to string them together into fabric strips and use them as a table runner trim.


Recycle your Christmas holly and mistletoe the same way you would recycle a Christmas tree. If you are using the wreaths and roping as decoration, you can use them to decorate your house in a different way by making a new wreath or door decoration.

In conclusion, Christmas decorations, ornaments, and holiday plants are great for recycling. From using them to feed local wildlife to making coasters and flowers, there is always a way to recycle seasonal decorations.