Denver is a city with no shortage of amazing wedding venues. If you’re in need of some ideas, continue reading below and check out our list of the best Denver wedding venues, which are in no particular order. These venues are all very unique and one of a kind, just like your love.

1. Denver Botanic Gardens: 1007 York St, Denver, Colorado, 80206

Who doesn’t like Botanic Gardens? This is a very well kept up place with and endless supply of beautiful scenery to use for the background of the photos for your special day. All of the plants and flowers are meticulously groomed and tended to ensure everything looks perfect. The largest available space to rent here can seat around 500 guests in total. There are also smaller venues available to rent if you are planning on a smaller sized wedding.

2. Space Gallery: 400 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, Colorado, 80204

Located at the end of the Santa Fe Arts District, the Space Gallery is definitely on the list of the best Denver wedding venues. This beautiful and fun gallery will seat up to 250 people for the wedding, and contains a loft overlooking the entire area. The whole atmosphere is very open, clean, and artsy.

3. Studios at Overland Crossing: 2205 South Delaware Street, Denver, Colorado, 80223

This is a venue with plenty of space for whatever kind of wedding you plan on hosting. It has an enormous 4,000 square feet of space in total, which should be plenty of room to seat all of your guests as you celebrate your wedding. The Studios at Overland is essential one large blank canvas, with a hip and trendy feel to it that you can customize to fit your specific needs and desires.

4. Grant Humphreys Mansion: 770 Pennsylvania Street, Denver, Colorado, 80203

Built in 1902, the Grant Humphrey’s Mansion boasts a large seating capacity of 180. It is truly a jewel of elegance and historic charm unlike any other in the Denver area. This venue caters to those who desire a more upscale and traditional style atmosphere.

5. Blanc: 3150 Walnut Street, Denver, Colorado, 80205

This wedding venue is located in the center of Denver, near the Lower Downtown where all the action is. There are a whole host of varying textures and options in the Blanc, ranging from wood, glass, metal, brick, concrete, and greenery. The total seating capacity of the space is 150.

6. Artwork Network: 878 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, Colorado, 80204

The Artwork Network has a fantastic area that is perfect for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. The venue is all inside, but the layout makes it very easy for food trucks to pull up and serve guests. The Artwork Network has moveable walls that can be arranged to suit your specific needs. Total seating capacity is 200 at this location.

7. Moss Denver: 200 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, Colorado, 80223

Yet another gorgeous wedding venue located in the Santa Fe Art District, Moss Denver can seat up to 200 persons. This is a brand new building that features exposed brick and beams that give this venue a unique and charming atmosphere. The delicate chandelierwedding lighting provides a friendly and warm feel for everyone.

8. W Studio: 209 Kalamath Street Unit 10, Denver, Colorado, 80223

This venue is used during normal working hours as the Wilhelmina offices and also a modeling studio. Words that describe W Studio are sleek, modern, and minimalist. It would be a perfect blank canvas that could be turned into whatever you desire for your wedding reception.

9. MCA Denver: 1485 Delgany Street, Denver, Colorado, 80202

The MCA (Museum of Contemporary Arts) can seat up to 65 people. This is a good choice if your party will be small, and the weather is nice. The seating is rented out on the rooftop of the building, which holds a wonderful little café. The views of downtown Denver that can be had in this spot are second to none.

10. Wash Park Studio: 900 South Pearl Street, Denver, Colorado, 80209

Wash Park Studio has the capacity to seat up to 96 people. It has a contemporary wood loft feel, and although very spacious, somehow manages to still remain an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Thewedding lighting inside is warm and charming, and adds something special while providing a very welcoming feel.