Denver, Colorado is a breath taking place. From the beautiful scenery to the staggeringly diverse culture, a visit to Denver is a must for any travel junkie. Below are some of the must see places and attractions that Denver has to offer.

The Rocky Mountains

No city in the United States boasts such beautiful scenery as Denver does. The majestic Rocky Mountains provide the perfect backdrop to this beautiful city, as the snow capped peaks tower over the clouds in the distance.

The best part is the Rocky Mountain National Park is just a short drive from the city. This fantastic national park boasts some of the best views in the entire country, such as Mount Elbert, the highest point in all of Colorado. Daring outdoor enthusiasts can hike up Pike’s Peak, which features a majestic vista at the top. The starry night sky provides the perfect natural event lighting to finish off your night.


Denver isn’t just about the natural scenery. The bustling city is also a food lovers paradise, featuring some of the most diverse food selections anywhere. You could visit Jelly Cafe and experience their plethora of mouth watering breakfast food, ranging from pancakes to homemade jelly. Then head over to Linger Restaurant, which was converted into a restaurant from a mortuary. Finally, top it all off with some ice cream from Little Man Ice Cream.


Beer crafting is not just incredibly popular in Denver, it is ingrained in the culture and history of the city that features over 200 breweries. Each brewery crafts its own unique style of craft beer, lending a hand in creating one of the premier destinations for beer lovers of all kinds.

Original craft beer lovers will want to pay a visit to Great Divide Brewing Co., one of the most well known breweries in the city. Ale and porter fans will enjoy the selection provided by Breckinridge Brewery. For the quirky type, Crooked Stave is the way to go. Their brewery also features a bakery, coffee roaster, and art gallery.

Night Life

If you are planning to visit Denver, your trip won’t be complete unless you visit one of the many lively night clubs the city has to offer. 24K feautures a laid back atmosphere with gorgeous chandeliers that provide beautiful event lighting.  Suite Two Hundred is the place to go if your looking to mingle with the who’s who of today’s society. Everybody from Lady Gaga to Playboy playmates have been known to party at this prestigious club.

Whether you’re a nature lover or a late night party goer, Denver has a little something for everybody. Any travel enthusiast looking for a new, unique experience will be happy they visited the Mile High City.