A Dynamic City

Recently, the growing popularity of downtown Denver, Colorado as a site for business relocation attracted considerable media interest. Several large tech companies decided to move into offices in this area. New arrivals on the scene include branch offices of World Wide Technology, DISH NetworkTIAA and Remote Learner.

These developments have naturally pleased Denver city officials and planning department personnel. Today, many metropolitan areas compete to attract new commercial activity. Companies that move into downtown neighborhoods help revitalize economic activity. They often herald the arrival of additional enterprises in the near future.

A Vibrant City

What accounts for the recent success of the Denver business district? Part of the appeal for corporate America undoubtedly lies in the central location of the city itself.

From a base in Denver, companies enjoy access to both the Midwest and the West. An excellent transportation infrastructure of rail lines, well maintained interstate highways and, of course, Denver International Airport, all render Denver an excellent option for companies seeking corporate headquarters in a hub location.

A Regional Hub

Business travelers enjoy easy access from the downtown to nearby centers of commerce: Colorado Springs, Boulder, Loveland/Fort Collins, Greeley and Grand Junction all remains readily accessible within Colorado from this central location. With Colorado’s state government situated just a few blocks away from many downtown office buildings, companies moving into this part of Denver obtain the ability to reach state officials and information resources quickly.

From a broader regional standpoint, Denver businesses benefit a lot, too. Managers easily commute by air, train or auto to Chicago, St. Louis, Cheyenne, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Dallas/Fort Worth, Albuquerque, and Salt Lake City, making Denver an outstanding corporate headquarters and distribution center for the Central United States.

Downtown Attractions

The central part of Denver offers a well-developed infrastructure, augmented by the arrival of a number of high tech providers in recent years. With nearby residential centers, a solid transportation network within the City, many health care facilities and leisure attractions ranging from scenic natural areas to urban sports stadiums and world-class concerts and entertainment, Denver offers a high quality of life for relocating employees.

With numerous retailers and B2B vendors available within Denver and the surrounding communities that comprise its greater metropolitan area, the Mile High City offers newly arrived enterprises a high level of support. Tami Door, the CEO of the Downtown Denver Partnership, noted recently that DISH Network selected Denver at a place to expand precisely because of the surrounding community’s “strong culture of innovation” and “vitality”.

Other Intangible Benefits

The wealth of expertise supplied by technology enterprises, bio-medical researchers and educational institutions within the local area also draws the attention of business leaders. Colorado benefits from a well-educated, affluent and technically proficient work force.

Will re-vitalized Denver continue to thrive and attract Denver businesses into the downtown? Absolutely!