Denver is located in South Platte River Valley and has a population of about 693,060, which make it the nineteenth densely populated city in United States.  But unlike other cities across the country Denver is infused with some beautiful scenery and colors, especially in the fall.  Below are a few of the different areas across the city that have amazing parks and views. 

One of the areas that you can explore is Capitol Hill. It is a home with great old architecture that will intrigue you. Thankfully, Capitol Hill’s streets allow bike riders to explore the neighborhood freely. The city has comfortable and affordable studio apartments where you can stay during your tour. The best way to experience Capitol Hill is by beginning your walk at Governor’s Park, going along 13 street before visiting Cheese Park on the east end and going all the way back. Capitol Hill has a lot of coffee shops and bars where you can take coffee or grab a beer with friends.

You can also visit Washington Park, which has a combination of historic and contemporaneous architectural styles. It has lakes, beautiful flower gardens, recreational centers, tennis courts, lawns, and historic buildings the give the visitors an exceptional experience of Washington Park magic. The famous Washington Park is a famous tourist destination and a place where social activities take place besides walking, jogging, and biking. You can also enjoy your favorite drink in the attractive coffee shops and bar like Platt Park Brewing Company.

Sloan’s Lake is another amazing feature that you will find here. Sloan’s Lake is habitat to a variety of animal, birds, and fish. The common varieties of birds that are found in Sloan’s Lake are Canada geese, white pelican, house finches, barn swallows, mallard ducks, seagulls, and night hawks. Sloan’s Lake Park is ranked second biggest in the city and has modern and classic apartments in which you can take a rest. The lake also experiences beautiful leave falls and offers a view of Denver downtown that is unique and impressive.

Jefferson Park and Confluence Park are other amazing places you can visit. They not only have dazzling fall colors but also offer you the great taste and experience of the beautiful city. There are great experiences that come along traversing through the city and seeing the beauty and amazing architecture that complement the area.

Finally, you can visit City Park for outstanding skyline views, flying multi-colored leaves, and the amazing Front Range. The Highline Canal Trail, which stretches 71 miles from Aurora to Washington Park, is also an amazing area to visit. Other great features that will give you a life time experience are Green Mountain, Platte River Trail, and Cherry Creek Trail. Denver city is a land of amazing wonders that will fascinate you. If you are planning for a tour or a vacation, Denver and its wonders are all you need for a breathtaking experience.