Productivity matters to a company, especially one that is attempting to get the most out of their workers. The problem is that finding ways to encourage employees to perform at optimal levels can get a little tricky. The following are a few tips that may help encourage productivity across the board. 

Green Conscious:  It is strange to think that adding green to your office would make a difference, but it can. Researchers found that placing plants around the office could encourage productivity. There are many theories out there attempting to explain this, but most believe it has to do with nature's ability to be unpredictable, which engages the brain constantly. The brain needs to be constantly engaged to work optimally, and that might be one of the reasons having natural plants around your office might be helpful. 

Encourage Kindness:  Making sure that the office encourages kindness and care might be helpful. It seems that people feel like their work is more meaningful in a workplace that is kind to them. Employees will likely feel connected to your company and be more loyal, which are sentiments that help them do better. This means that you, managers, and employees need to know each other. It might also be a good idea to encourage activities that would bring your company closer together. 

Light the Way:  There is no doubt that light matters and might encourage productivity. The best type of lighting is natural sunlight. This type of of light contains vitamin D, which helps the body produce energy, and that helps your employees work better. It might be a good idea to open your windows or install larger ones. Now, it is possible that an office space does not have access to sunlight, or perhaps work is done at night, which presents a problem. Those who do not have access to natural sunlight might want to consider LED lighting. Researchers found that this type of lighting resembles natural light, which can help your employees feel more energized. 

Temperature Moves:  You might not think that your AC could do much to improve productivity, but it can be helpful. A person that feels too cold is not going to perform well because he or she is worried about finding warmth. The same thing goes for a person who feels a little too hot. You want your employees to feel as comfortable as possible, and you can do that with your AC. Of course, you cannot grant everyone's wishes since most people have slight differences, but you want to stay within the 68 to 77 Fahrenheit range. Studies show that this particular range helps most people be as productive as possible. 

These are just some of the things you can do to increase productivity within your office, but there are other things that you can do like add vibrant colors such as yellow or orange. Both of these colors help engage the brain, which can be helpful. You can also give employees more breaks and encourage healthy snacking rather than sugar-infused snacks that could make your employees suffer a sugar-crash later on in the day.  If you are looking at improving your office environment give Denver Illuminations a call.