While there are lots of ways to “super size” things in your life, most of them are kind of bad for you, but who could argue with really big Christmas lights? A new product has made its way to market for your holiday decorating needs. Really Big Lights are over a foot tall, are lit by LEDs and are designed to last for years.

What Makes Really Big Lights So Great?

Besides their huge size making them the largest holiday lights in the world, they have a universal hook system, making them easy to hang anywhere. Since they are LED powered, they are energy efficient, and have been UL approved. In addition, many lights can be linked together, increasing your decorating possibilities. The large, brightly colored lights also have a retro look about them, making them a unique centerpiece to any holiday lighting display.

Available by Thanksgiving

Since their Kickstarter campaign was fully funded, their backers who have pre-ordered lights can be assured of their delivery by Thanksgiving, 2015. There are still spaces for ordering lights, as well. The creators of Really Big Lights came up with the idea for them while watching holiday movies with family members. They decided to create a large light that was practical and and low in temperature.

Technical Specifications

The cords for Really Big Lights are a 48 inch long C9 cord carrying E 17 bases. The LEDs for each light run on .06 watts and put out 14 lumens, making them efficient enough to be able to string many strands together with no electrical issues. Strands can also be combined with strands of smaller lights as well, increasing the design possibilities for Christmas holiday displays. Each Really Big Light is 14 inches tall and 6.55 inches wide.

What You Receive in A Package

Each package of Really Big Lights comes with five Really Big Lights, each on their own cord. The colors are White, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Each light can be connected with many other lights, including mini lights and other outside lights, and the hooks make them easy to hang.

In addition, the packaging is also very sturdy, and will be useful for many years of storage for your Really Big Lights.

Future Products Are Under Development

While the lights themselves are a great product, there are plenty of new ideas underway to make them better and more functional. Yet to come are plans for a mobile app to control your lights in order to add music and timing to your displays, solar powered bulbs, and clear bulbs with multi-colored LEDs. Also coming soon are differently shaped covers for the bulbs, such as Jack O’Lanterns for Halloween and Easter eggs for spring. These could be switched for the Christmas Light covers on each bulb.

With the quality and versatility of these light bulbs, it is certain that many other uses will be found for them and they will see a variety of applications in the near future.