History of Christmas in Denver while there are many things to love about Denver, Christmas is undeniably one of the high points. The city is known to go all out and decorate with Christmas lights and decorations of every color and design. Some are more prized than others, looking at you City and County that can’t seem to display anything that isn’t a bit garish. It isn’t just the large city buildings through, you’ll find houses with and without lawns doing everything they can to decorate and share in the spirit of the holidays.

City and Neighborhoods

Congress Park - Some of the best lights to be seen are undeniably the neighborhoods. If you have the chance you should take a drive or a stroll through the houses lining Milwaukee Avenue between 13th and 12th If you know how to get to Congress Park you’ll be able to find this lovely area.

Methodist Church on Lawrence – This old church is known for being the leader of the holiday decorating. Many have pondered how the decorating began. Coloradans have the Methodist Church to thank. In 1883 they lit up the very first Christmas tree in the city. They decorated it with 30 glistening bulbs and ever since Denver has gone above and beyond.

Civic Center – When you want a celebration you need to head to the Civic Center. As a leader of Denver’s outdoor light decorating they have been doing it longer and better than many. Going back as far as the early 1900’s the very first string of colored lights were seen hanging in a sick boy’s window. Stories about the lights spread and in 1918 the very first Christmas light contest was held and the Civic Center didn’t hold back. In fact, the one year they under-decorated the city was in an uproar. Ever since they’ve gone back to their roots and thoroughly decorate.

John’s Cathedral – If you prefer a bit of old-world charm you should head over to St. John’s Cathedral. For many visiting the cathedral is an integral part of the holiday season. The main draw is a unique German nativity that is on display. The nativity was donated sometime during the 1950’s from the generous couple, Bob and Nancy Joyce Woodward. The nativity is completely hand carved and you’d be hard pressed to find anything else quite like it.

Cory-Merrill – If you like a little bit of rock and roll with your Christmas sightseeing you should head over to the area of Cory and Merrill. This area goes all out with loads and loads of lawn décor. Head down Alameda to enjoy the blue and white of the Hanukkah lights. In addition to the lights you’ll see an abundance of displays and other holiday features. If you visit during the right time your sightseeing might even coincide with the National Western Stock Show. If that’s the case then don’t be surprised when you get a whiff of cattle.

No matter where you go in Denver you are bound to see decorations and Christmas Trees galore. This city knows how to do Christmas and you won’t be disappointed.