There is a high demand for Christmas trees in the United States. People purchase millions of them during the holiday seaon. During Christmas most people don't think about where or how they get their trees.  The farms that grow these trees are competing in a high volume business that requires some serious patience.

North Carolina is the leading state in production of Christmas trees. The state is known for producing enormous Fraser firs  that are used for Christmas each year. North Carolina produces large volumes of these every year.  So I set out to learn What the average growth time was prior to harvest?

Across the globe, different species of trees are decorated to celebrate Christmas. This means that there isn't a single answer to our question. The most popular trees that are decorated for the Christmas holiday include spruce, pine, fir, cedar, and cypress. Consistently, the Fraser fir, Leyland cypress, and Douglas fir are the most preferred trees.

Each tree species is grown in different soils and conditions. Some trees grow and mature quickly compared to other trees. According to research,to grow a Christmas tree of the typical height measuring 6-7 feet can take up to 15 years or even as little as four years. However, the average growth period for Christmas trees is 7 years.

Fast-growing Trees

  • Leyland cypress:  This species is the most preferred tree in the southern States. In favorable conditions, Leyland cypress trees develop and grow between 3 and 4 feet each year.
  • Arizona Cypress:  This species of tree is widespread in West Texas and Arizona. It's also available in southeastern states i.e., Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi, and some regions of Florida, Tennessee, panhandle, and in North and South Carolina.

Christmas trees that averagely grow

  • Fraser Fir:  This is the southernmost famous tree. The Fraser fir species grows averagely. It has a growth period of 7 years. The species grows across the southern Appalachian region of states like Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.  The Christmas tree organization notes that in North Carolina, trees like Fraser Fir requires about 7 to 10 years in the farms for the trees to attain about 6 to 7 feet.
  • Canaan Fir:  This tree species is similar to balsam and Fraser firs that are found in West Virginia and Virginia. The tree has a growth rate of about 2-3 feet a year.

Slow growing trees

  • Eastern redcedar:  Despite the tree's name, the Eastern redcedar is more of a juniper instead of a cider. The tree has a slow growth rate. When introduced to the soil, it can grow to 1-2 feet annually. The tree species can be found in Oklahoma and Texas as well as far south.
  • Virginia pine:  The Virginia pine grows very slowly. However, in favorable conditions, the tree can grow and reach heights of about 30 to 40 feet wide. The tree can be found in Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi.