Christmas is one of the world’s biggest and most celebrated holidays. This holiday honors the birth of Jesus Christ and good will toward all people. Millions of people from different cultures, different religious beliefs and different ideologies enjoy the Yule Tide season in their own unique way. We will now examine some of the Christmas traditions that take place in various countries across the globe.

The X-mas Holiday in Australia

The Australians have an original spin on X-mas. First, the Aussies celebrate Christmas during the summer. The warm weather and sunny skies cause them to head to the beach and to light up their grill on this special day. Santa Claus is also seen around the country riding the waves on a surfboard.

The Yule Tide Holiday in Japan

Japan doesn’t seem like it would be a place to celebrate the X-mas holiday. However, the Japanese people are fond of this special season. While they don’t have many holiday traditions from west, they are influenced by some. Japanese people eat buckets of KFC fried chicken on X-Mas day. This is a long- standing tradition that has been around since the 1970s.

Mexico’s Holiday Traditions

The nation of Mexico celebrates this special holiday in their own way. One thing they do is hold the festival of Las Posadas which honors Mary and Joseph’s travels from Nazareth to Bethlehem. The procession last for 9 hours and it takes place in various cities, towns and villages throughout the country.

Santa in Senegal?

Senegal is a predominately Muslim nation though there are plenty of Christians who live in the region. Surprisingly the people of this nation celebrate X-mas. Even the Muslims get in on the action. Father Santa Claus usually shows up at many of the markets around the country.

Holidays in the Philippines

The Philippines is a pro-western society and they really enjoy X-mas. Did you know that their celebrations begin early in September and last until January? This nation has the longest running Christmas festivities in the world. The culture is really into the Yule Tide spirit.

A Czech Republic Holiday

The Czech Republic is an Eastern European nation. It has been honoring X-mas for a very long time. The Czech people love this holiday and they celebrate it by eating a family dinner of carp. The women like to have their fortunes read to see if they can get a new husband.

A Special Chinese Holiday Celebration

Chinese people offer apples as gifts during X-mas. This is an important part of their customs for this holiday. X-mas is not an official holiday in the nation. However, many Chinese people are being drawn into this special celebration from the west.

The United Kingdom X-mas Celebrations

People in the U.K. celebrate Christmas in many ways. They also are one of the first places to have honored X-mas and have shaped holiday traditions for everyone. People in the U.K. celebrate with various customs including X-mas crackers. Their X-mas crackers are special gifts that people make and give to each other during this wonderful holiday.