Ron Cooper was known for his elaborate Christmas lighting displays. He did it for the fun of it, and to bring joy to others. Unfortunately, with an elaborate Christmas display comes a difficult installation and removal process, and in January of 2015, Mr. Cooper fell off of his roof while removing his display, and was in a coma for some time.  All of this could have been avoided by using a professional to install and remove his Christmas display.

Professional Christmas light installers grew as an offshoot of landscaping businesses who needed year-round income. While there are still landscaping companies that have lighting services, there are some companies who focus on decorative lighting full time.

Many people do not enjoy going up on ladders to hang lights, and that’s great but please be safe if you are going to do it. For most people, the idea of untangling and hanging multiple strands of lighting is not at all appealing.

Finding a Professional Light Installer

Finding a professional Christmas light installer is best done early, in either early September or October. Their schedules tend to become full very quickly. Since Christmas lighting has become so popular, you can imagine how busy they are! When you budget for their services, be sure to account for not only the costs of having them come to decorate your house, but also for the inevitable increase in your electrical bill.

What Will A Professional Light Installer Do For Me?

First, they will ask you what you want. Often, people do not know the power capacity their house can handle, and what sort of light displays the circuitry can hold. They can use either the homeowner’s existing light kits or add to them with rental equipment. They can offer suggestions about what sorts of lighting designs would look good on their house.

Next, they will install everything properly, using the correct lighting clips and the correct wattage and number of lights for your home. They will do maintenance on the lighting if there are any issues.  If any problems do crop up, they will find and fix the problem.

Finally, usually around mid to late January, the technicians will come back and remove all the lights, and some will even store them away for you them if they’re rented. Not all companies offer that particular service so make sure to check all policies before you hire a company.

How Much Will All This Cost?

While some companies will have a minimum order of $200 to 500, an average order will often run from $800 to just over 1000. Keep in mind, though, that you can spend as much as you like. Another good thing to take into account is the increase of your electrical bill, which averages about 30 dollars per month while the display is up.

For many people, the extra cost during the holidays is worth not having to spend time de-tangling lights and going up on the roofs to risk life and limb…especially during the holidays.