Each year, millions of people decide to put up holiday lights. They plan out what type of lights they want, what patterns or designs they want to arrange, and buy millions of strands to create festive displays.

Many people forget that there is a right way and many, many wrong ways to attach Christmas lights to their houses, bushes and fences. This can be hazardous, depending on how they attach the lights, and may also damage their property.

Choosing the right light clips for the materials your house is made of is extremely important for the look of the lighting design and for the safety of your property.

How to Choose the Right Light Clips

There are many types of light clips, and choosing one depends on the surface or material on which you are going to attach the lights, and what sort of lights you are attaching. With the right kinds of clips, your holiday lighting installation will go smoother and there is less chance of the lights coming down accidentally.

Types of Light Clips for Different Surfaces

There are several different types of light clips, depending on the surface you are working with. Here are a few of them:

Smooth, flat surfaces: There are several options for smooth surfaces, including C-type clips that can be installed with adhesive or screws, or magnetic ones for metal surfaces.

Brick: Though the rough texture of this surface makes attaching things to it difficult, a brick clip can help adhere things to it without damaging the mortar surface.

Clay Shingles: Though these materials are smooth and easily damaged, the clip for this specific surface grips tightly enough to facilitate attachment, but not tight enough to damage the surface.

Roof Ridge Clips: These clips are specially designed to hold the light strings in a straight line along the top row of a roof.

Asphalt or Wood Shingles: These plain shingle tabs simply slip beneath the edges of the shingle to hold the light clips in place without damaging the roof.

Gutter Clips: These make attaching lights along the gutter lines much easier. They attach to the gutter itself and firmly hold any lights that are attached to it.

Shrubs or Trees: Tree clips will hold the lights without any damage to the bark or branches of shrubs and trees.

Other Tips for Hanging Outdoor Christmas Lighting

Make sure to measure the space you will be lighting, in order to calculate how many strings of lights and clips you will need. For trees, a good rule is to have 100 lights per every one and a half feet of shrub.

Also be certain that your lighting strings are UL approved and test them before you hang them! There’s nothing more frustrating than putting up all your lights, only to find that a string or part of a string is not working. Be sure not to exceed the recommended number of strings that are able to be connected safely together. A little preparation and the right tools can go a long way in making a great lighting display.