Smart technology has been spreading across the market through many different products in recent years. The most modern and developed product, however, is smart lighting. What is smart lighting? It can mean different things depending on how you use it. In some cases, the term "smart lighting" is used simply to refer to LED lighting made to use energy more efficiently. In this case, however, "smart lighting" refers to energy-efficient LED lights that can be controlled via your smart phone.

The Nanoleaf Aurora is an example of smart lighting in the current technological world. The smart lighting product was developed by Nanoleaf, a company that started as a Kickstarter campaign in the year of 2012. Nanoleaf's purpose is to use your walls as a source of innovation in both your home and the "commercial lighting industry."

The Nanoleaf Aurora starter kit comes with nine panels and every other material necessary to get you started with your new smart lighting system. The starter kit costs $199.99, and each additional expansion kit containing three more panels costs $59.99. The prices may seem expensive, but when you keep in mind the running cost of most smart options these days, it fits in a bit more.

One of the cool things about Nanoleaf's Aurora smart lighting system is that it can be arranged in whatever way you might like. Every person's Aurora system will look different depending on how you arrange your panel, making it perfect for someone aching for that show of individuality. After all, it has been described as the choice smart lighting system "for the artist in you."

Setup is easy by downloading the app on your smart phone and connecting the system to your home's WiFi network. After that, you just give the app access to a few settings on your phone, follow the instructions, and you're ready to go. Now you've got an artistically designed smart lighting system available for use in your home.

The Aurora smart lighting system can function using voice controls through a variety of systems such as Apple HomeKit voice activation or even Amazon Alexa. On your smart phone, you need to be operating on either iOS8+ or Android 5.01+. With that said, basic functions can also be controlled via the included controller that is part of the wall system. The app allows you to access more features such as separately colored lighting.

Nanoleaf's Aurora smart lighting system uses different effects and custom brightness settings to set the perfect mood and ambiance in your home. Whether or not the lighting system is necessary is more of a subjective matter. With that said, there's no doubt that the system is fun to use. Focusing more on the art of lighting than practicality, the Nanoleaf Aurora is best for those looking for a little something to spice up the mood in their home. Whether that be for ambiance or a subtle night light for your kids, you're guaranteed to find a cool way to use this system.