One of the most commonly reinvented features of a home as of late are lighting options. One of the best types of technology available for lighting is tunable solid-state lighting (SSL), which works to control both color and intensity of lights in a given location. These lights include features like human centric lighting (HCL) and Visa Lighting. Some companies that have worked on tunable LED lighting of technology include Acuity Brands and Philips Lighting. Their goal is to offer enhanced well being for people through lighting options in their living and working spaces.

Visa Symmetry

One of the technologies and companies involved with SSL tunable lighting is Visa Lighting. This company works to provide a laminating structure that is set in a recessed format. The LED lights used are mounted around the perimeter called a luminaire, which is part of the recessed lighting tracking. These lights reflect in a dome lens to help with diffusing light in order for uniform lamination. Visa Lighting offers a technology called Symmetry across several models, ranging from fixed-CCT varieties to broadcast LFI between 1,650 K to 8,000 K.

Offerings of Symmetry in Healthcare and Educational Complexes

Many people do not realize how cooling the lighting from one of these systems can be. They are a softer kind of illumination, which is important for certain settings. Visa targets these applications using their Symmetry option for the purpose of offering that kind of light. In the healthcare world, the idea is to deliver 100 fc for examination rooms, but ambient conditions work at 30 fc. In this case, Symmetry offers lighting through a Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) that works on voltage controls raging from zero to ten. The standard CRI rating is 82, but 90 CRI can be taken as an option for a lumen reduction of 15 percent. At the same time, these lighting options can be gained with a variety of saturated colors.

Acuity Mainstream Dynamic

Acuity Brands works on this lighting feature as well. One of their technological options is Mainstream Dynamic tunable lighting. Acuity Brands launched a new product for FLI recently, and the demo for this option focuses mostly on educating customers and employees on the options available. At this time, there are five, different scenarios that are being focused on. These include lighting that is warm and dim, bright white, different colors, or even in grayscale. The most interesting of these options is grayscale because of its contrast options. These contrasts work in the human brain and visual system to process lighting more easily.

Philips Lighting

Philips Lighting is known for being a pioneer in its field. This company has four modes that are currently present in their educational program. They set standards for activities that happen every day. They have a Focus setting that is cooler in CCT output, and they also have a warmer lighting option for more relaxing atmospheres.