The holidays are a festive time to celebrate with family and friends. During the holidays you tend to get off your normal schedule.  On many occasions we stay at home more which means that the heat, light, and other electric appliances are running without a break. The electricity bill after the holidays can catch you by surprise, and this usually marks the end of the holidays so it is an unwelcome surprise. This year, save yourself the shock without losing out on your favorite Christmas traditions.  Here are some small tips you can apply to cut unnecessary spending on the holidays. 

Use LED Lights
You want your house to stop the cars passing by with an amazing show and display of Christmas lights? You have a choice of LED or incandescent lights.  LED lights are very durable and are 90% more energy efficient than traditional incandescent Christmas lights. 

Don't Go All Night
Having your lights on display is great for the whole neighborhood, but most people are sleeping after some hour anyway. Instead of letting the lights stay on all night, set a timer for them to turn off at some point in the night, or turn them off before going to bed.  Usually set your timer to stay on for 6-8 hours so they will go off between 10PM and midnight. 

Cook in a Single Day
Set out a date on which to cook the holiday meals. This will save you time and energy on cooking and preparing meals everyday. This also saves electricity - you will be using the ovens and other cooking appliances in a single day. 

Decrease Cooking Time
For the holidays, you can specially pick out meals that do not need too much time and energy to prepare. You can also make dishes that do not require that you fire up the entire stove or oven. Use your toaster, cooking pot, or bread machine instead, and prepare everything in a more time-saving manner. 

Save on Heat
If everyone is enjoying their time on the holidays, they are dancing away, playing, and wearing a couple of layers of clothes, turn the furnace down a bit. You will save your guests and family the sweat and your surprise when you receive the electric bill. When at home, wear winter clothes, slippers, and wrap yourself in a blanket when watching TV to warm yourself up without relying solely on the heater.