What happens to the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree once the lights dim for the last time? Throngs of people swarm New York to see this majestic tree rise for the first time. Audiences all over the world tuned in for the lighting ceremony that was broadcast on December 2nd of last year. All in all, 45,000 Christmas lights adorn this majestic 78 foot Norway Spruce as it is an iconic holiday landmark for the Big Apple. Now find out the rest of the story after the lights were turned off for the last time on January 6th, 2016.

The Return Home

Christmas Lights are lovingly put away for next year but what happens to the Christmas tree that has been uprooted? Its time is numbered but hope and inspiration that it demonstrated in front of 30 Rock in New York will live on. Off to the lumber yard it goes for a purpose fittingly worth this majestic tree. From the saw mill, it will be transformed into building materials for a special purpose. TheHabitat for Humanity in Newburgh has a family in mind to bless with a new home from this Christmas tree.

Meet the Talamanti Family

On Thursday April 7th, the former tree arrived at its final resting place. This lumber has the distinction of being utilized in the support structure of the new home for the Talamanti family. They could not be more excited about this. Moments like these are where children can best express their feelings. Their daughter, Anayelli, indicated that each time sees her new home that she will remember the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. For almost a decade, the management of the Rockefeller Center has donated the Rockefeller Christmas tree to becoming the lumber to build Habitat for Humanity buildings.

The journey behind the scenes that this Norway Spruce took to New York City is almost as much of a spectacle as its time is in Rockefeller Center. Nancy Puchalski and Albert Asendorf were the tree’s original owners. They were so happy to see a good use for a tree that was becoming a danger to their home. From Ulster County, it made it’s way to Rockefeller Center where the world shared in its beauty during the holiday season. After the holiday season came to a close, this marvel tree like its predecessors for nearly a decade before made its way to the lumber mill. Transformed into lumber, it will become the backbone for a new home for the Talamanti Family. We can appreciate the efforts of all involved in assisting Habitat for Humanity in providing another home for a family in need.