Smoking of any kind was certainly frowned upon at most weddings, often resulting in a designated smoking area a distance away from the ceremony. However, as states like Colorado begin to legalize marijuana, can smoking weed become an integral part of these momentous occasions? Instead of a celebratory shot of champagne, will there be a congratulatory hit off of a blunt? The answer is a resounding, “Why the heck not?” Having marijuana at wedding receptions could totally be seen in Cannabis-based centerpieces, weed-infused bouquets, and “special” brownie appetizers. However, for Rachael Carlevale and her future husband, Mathieu Davenport, it’s much more than just a recreational aspect they wanted to add to their wedding.

Many years ago, the young Rachael Carlevale had her whole world flipped upside down when she found out that she had a large, uterine tumor. At only twenty three years old, she couldn’t stand the idea of an emergency hysterectomy being her method of treatment. Going against the doctor’s instructions led her in a search for alternative healing methods for her particular ailment. It didn’t take long before she encountered the option of medicinal marijuana treatments. Rachael and Mathieu then discovered that most marijuana available to them contained several cancer-causing agents. Confused as to what their next step would be, they did a lot of research. Eventually they came upon a method of growing marijuana that neglected the use of cancer-causing agents. So, Mathieu started growing his own cannabis plants using a no-till method. Then with the guidance of doctors and professionals, she eventually began her treatments. Now five years later, the tumor is no longer on her radar and she almost entirely attributes this to her cannabis-based form of treatment. “I was very, very sick at the time,” Carlevale said. “I had to be fed by IVs, I was in the hospital, I was on bed rest. I was barely alive. So now, I’m completely thriving and living life to the fullest.” Considering marijuana’s profound impact on her health, it only makes sense that she would want to incorporate the plant into one of the biggest days of her life.

Coming up with the idea of a cannabis wedding is one thing, but planning such a ceremony is an entirely different beast that needs conquering. The planners know that many aspects need to be understood including but not limited to: how much marijuana will be incorporated into the wedding, how these guests will consume the cannabis, which dispensary will be used, the legalities of the situation, family and friend’s comfort with cannabis, and the choosing of the services. Rachael and Mathieu’s party planner was quotes saying, “To me, it’s all about choices, and, by the services that we are doing, we are providing people with that choice,” he said. “If they want to utilize that choice, they can, but they don’t have to, and that’s what’s great about America is that we do have these choices.”
Smoking a blunt or eating edible marijuana at wedding receptions may sound crazy at first glance. However unconventional it’s certainly an option to consider if you live in a state where it’s legal.