Decorations are a phenomenal element of most holiday season. At Christmas on many occasions, lights are at the center of these decorations. You can use different types of lights to create a wonderful environment in your home both and outdoors during the Christmas season. There are a wide variety of variations and styles of Christmas lights available in the markets. Below are some creative Christmas light ideas you should try.

Pick Your Focal Point: Your Christmas lights will look better when you have a focal point. You don’t want your lights to appear as if they have been blasted on to your lawn, yard, or house without any plan. The choice of a focal point often comes down to personal preference. For instance, if your house has columns framing your entryway, you could use this as your focal or starting point.

Consider Tape Lights:  Tape lights are a new form of lighting that you should consider decorating your house with during Christmas. Unlike the traditional Christmas Lights, tape lights are actually a tape with an adhesive on the underside. All you have to do is peel off the backing and stick the light on any place you deem fit around your house. The top advantage of these lights is that they eliminate the hassle of untangling or hanging lights, which is typical of their traditional counterparts. What’s more, some of these tape lights have a remote control feature that allow you to choose the type of color or the level of brightness you want. Due to the small size of tape lights, one cannot easily see them when you turn them off. This means you could leave them stuck on your walls throughout the year for use next Christmas.

Try Laser Lights:  If you want to avoid the hassle of untangling or hanging lights, go for laser or projection lights. This is a new transformation that makes it much easier to set up your Christmas lights. You simply need to buy a laser projector. When you turn on this machine, it diffracts various colors, styles, and shapes of light all over your home.


Use String Lights Creatively:  String lights are common among many homeowners. These lights are oftentimes used on front porches and trees. However, you can be more creative with these lights to transform your Christmas lighting into something magnificent. For instance, you can use the lights around picture framings or even mirrors.  Try and remember to purchase Commercial grade Christmas lighting it makes a huge difference in functionality.  

Don’t Forget Net Or Rope Lights:  The flexibility of net or rope lights makes it fairly easy to achieve any given accent lighting by simply shaping them to various designs. You can use them indoors along the perimeter of your doors, windows, and even ceilings. For your outdoor living space, these lights can be used along your deck, patio, or garden edges. Rope and net lights tend to work best when they are used as highlights.

Be Keen On Light Spacing:  Christmas lights are usually spaced differently along the wire. Light spacing is critical especially when you intend to hang the lights on a tree. Go for lights with the largest spacing. This will prevent the lights from appearing too clustered and will help create an accent lighting by allowing various parts of the tree to be illuminated.

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