Various Denver city officials along with the Governor of Colorado recently held a meeting to discuss the possibility of bidding to host the Winter Olympics or the Winter Paralympic Games. In 1976, the city had put together a bid to host the winter games but due to the immense unhappiness among the people of the city the Olympic committee decided against it.  

The city officials believe that hosting the games provides an excellent opportunity for the city, and provides for a good chance for the people living in the city to look at the economic and social aspect of hosting this event. The state of Colorado is known to be a prime destination for all kinds of winter sports and has some of the best sporting venues in the entire country. Hosting this event will also bring a lot of resources into the city, thereby aiding its further development.

When the state of Colorado was set to host the Olympics in 1976, the idea didn't go exactly as planned. Even though the state won the bid to be the host of the event, the people of the state had different views. A group of social activist started emerging and recruiting people, convincing them that by hosting the games, the city would not develop, but instead crumble under pressure. These citizens believed that the state was not equipped enough to host the games on such a grand scale, and would use up the resources that the state has, which can otherwise be put to good use for the benefit of the people and their development. This resulted in the state having to renounce their title of being the host of the Olympics, and Colorado is the only host to ever do so in the history of the Olympics.

However, this time, the city officials feel like Denver is once again ready to play host to the Olympics, getting the blessing of the people beforehand. However, there are multiple processes that the state has to go through before they are given the right to host the Olympics. The approval to be a host must be attained by a specialized committee of individuals who examine every aspect of the state to see if they are equipped enough and if they are financially stable to host an event on this scale and grandeur. But before the bid to the Olympic committee is sent, the Governor of Colorado decided to put together his team of experts to analyze the city and point out what the city needs to develop to be better situated for the Olympics. After the analysis is conducted, the report will be handed over to the Governor, after which the bid will be drafted up accordingly.

In addition to the central committee which is conducting the analysis, the governor has put together several other committees to make the task of hosting the Olympics a lot easier. These various committees are meant to handle all other aspects of the event such as the planning, infrastructure, and operations.