As the holidays come around again later this year, the time-honored tradition of stringing colorful lights both inside and outside of the home come with it. Coordinating all those lights can be frustrating and time-consuming, but a new app with its own light set has been developed to help make your holiday lights more manageable.

The Lumenplay Lights

The Lumenplay lights come in a Starter Kit C9 Christmas Light string of 12 LED color changing lights and a Lumenplay controller, with Extender Strings of 12 lights each. These can be connected in multiple strings up to a total of 500 lights. The lights communicate with a smart-phone via the Lumenplay app, available for both iOS and Android, and allows you to control the lights via the app. A Bluetooth Ready device such as a smart-phone is required. The lights are easy to manage and plug into any standard outlet.

The light strands come with twelve lights per strand, at a spacing of 12 inches, with a six inch lead and a six inch tail. They are certified for both indoor and outdoor use, and have a 120 volt standard plug which is CSA-US certified. They carry a three year warranty for normal seasonal use.

The Starter Kit with 12 lights and the Controller sells for $79.99, while the Extender strings of 12 lights each sell for $59.99. While it might be tempting to just buy the Extender strings, you will need at least one controller or the lights will not function.

The Lumenplay App

The Lumenplay app will allow the user to turn lights on and off via his or her smart phone. The user can also change the colors of the lights, set them to blink in time with music, save play lists and color settings, and set pass codes to lock control of your lights to only your device.

You can create light shows or simply create a mood. You can control up to 8 Lumenplay controller strings with the app. You can also select music that has been uploaded onto your Bluetooth device to blink and change color with the song. When you find one you especially like, you can save the song and light pattern with a unique name and share it with friends and family via the app as well.

Ideal For Year-Round Decor

While these lights are ideal for holiday lighting schemes, these versatile lights also have other uses as well. String some lights along a fence for parties, or use them to outline walkways or doorways. Create a party dance mix, using the lights as dance lighting for a nighttime summer party. They can provide soft illumination for a bedroom or mantle piece. They can also be used along dark corridors to illuminate the way at night. Set the color scheme to pastels for a soft, relaxing, or romantic mood.

The Lumenplay lights are available in Apple stores, from the Lumenplay website, and from other online retailers. The Lumenplay app is available on iTunes and Google Play.