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  • Christmas Light Automation App

    Posted on May 20 2015

    As the holidays come around again later this year, the time-honored tradition of stringing colorful lights both inside and outside of the home come with it. Coordinating all those lights can be frustrating and time-consuming, but a new app with its own light set has been developed to help make your holiday lights more manageable.

    The Lumenplay Lights

    The Lumenplay lights come in a Starter Kit C9 Christmas Light string of 12 LED color changing lights and a Lumenplay controller, with Extender Strings of 12 lights each. These can be connected in multiple strings up to a total of 500 lights. The lights communicate with a smart-phone via the Lumenplay app, available for both iOS and Android, and allows you to control the lights via the app. A Bluetooth Ready device such as a smart-phone is required. The lights are easy to manage and plug into any standard outlet.

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