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  • LED, Lighting the Way in Consumer Energy Products

    Posted on June 18 2017

    LED lights are quickly becoming the most favored light source in American households. The United States Department of Energy has estimated that due to rising demand, prices for LED bulbs have dropped ninety percent since 2008. 

    LED bulbs are targeted towards customers through guaranteed savings. These savings have been proven by the Consumer Federation of America. Recently conducted studies about switching over to LED lighting have shown individual projected savings are greater than $1,000 over the span of the next 10 years. 

    What the Consumer Federation of America also found notable is that these bulbs only use approximately one dollar of electricity annually and usually cost less than five dollars to purchase! In comparison with incandescent and halogen bulbs, LED proves to be the cheapest, most efficient, and longest lasting option.

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  • LED Lighting, Improving The Look And Efficiency Of Automobiles

    Posted on February 28 2017

    There’s no doubt that the look of a car greatly influences one’s decision to purchase a car. With the developments in new automobile technology, parts of the car, like the front grille seem rather useless and unnecessary. But with an aim to make cars look a lot nicer, companies and designers are now taking a new route and adding embellishments to cars in the form of LED lighting. 

    Unlike normal lights which are normally used in cars, LED lighting tends to last longer and is more power efficient, contributing to the overall performance of the car. In addition, LED lights tend to emit less heat than standard lights and also serve as a great source of a high power light. With the transition of cars to their electronic versions, cars nowadays are getting a more sleek and stylish look owing to the creative designs and structures that can be formed using LED lights.

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