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  • Why Are Christmas Lights Wired in Parallel?

    Posted on March 20 2014

    Remember a time when, if one Christmas light burned out, the entire string of mini-lights went out with it? It was a very frustrating undertaking trying to find the faulty bulb.  Some Christmas lights are also colored making it more difficult to spot a blown filament. Their size makes it equally difficult.

    Today’s LED bulbs last much longer and are more reliable, but they do burn out.  A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so if one LED light is weaker than the rest, by tried and true standards of design, the same thing should happen. The reason why it doesn’t is simple.

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  • Why are Christmas lights so expensive?

    Posted on March 05 2014

    The holidays are a festive time of year. It puts people in a celebratory mood. They want to decorate their homes, “deck the halls” and surround themselves with all the images of the season. A major part of the holiday experience for many is decorating with lights. It is an age-old tradition that dates back much further than either the traditional incandescent bulbs or LEDs. No holiday decoratingscheme is truly complete without them.

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