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  • Denver Wedding Trends

    Posted on June 30 2016

    Smoking of any kind was certainly frowned upon at most weddings, often resulting in a designated smoking area a distance away from the ceremony. However, as states like Colorado begin to legalize marijuana, can smoking weed become an integral part of these momentous occasions? Instead of a celebratory shot of champagne, will there be a congratulatory hit off of a blunt? The answer is a resounding, "Why the heck not?" Having marijuana at wedding receptions could totally be seen in Cannabis-based centerpieces, weed-infused bouquets, and "special" brownie appetizers. 

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  • 10 Wedding Venues in Denver That Can't Be Beat

    Posted on February 28 2016

    Denver is a city with no shortage of amazing wedding venues. If you’re in need of some ideas, continue reading below and check out our list of the best Denver wedding venues, which are in no particular order. These venues are all very unique and one of a kind, just like your love.

    Check out this list of great venues!

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