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  • Denver Entrepreneur Introduces Smart Energy Solution

    Posted on March 16 2017

    With the Internet of Things becoming an integral part of everyday living, even the process of controlling energy consumption has entered the realm of connectivity. Cody Miller, an entrepreneur from Denver, turned this concept into reality through the Ion Smart Outlet. This handy energy saving device remotely controls electricity usage through a smartphone or electronic tablet. 

    The innovative device seeks to address standby power issues at home and at work. Homes and businesses unknowingly waste power every day. Plugged electronic devices, even when turned off, still siphon electricity from the grid. Even if that device looks blissfully resting in one corner, it may be quietly tugging through the electric meter. 

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  • Denver Ski Train Off to a Great Start

    Posted on February 23 2017

    Colorado's Winter Park Express put the ski train back in business, and that business is having a great run. Traveling between Denver and Winter Park Resort usually only on Saturdays and Sundays, the seasonal train service is often sold out. 

    The Amtrak ski train is a revival of a historic train service between Denver and Winter Park to the northwest. The renewed service began Jan. 7, 2017, and is scheduled to continue through March 26. More than 15,000 people had ridden the ski train by Feb. 14, which was about the midpoint of its planned trips for the ski season. The train can carry 554 passengers. 

    The original rail service connecting Denver and Winter Park, which sometimes is spelled Winterpark, started in 1912, and weekend journeys were added in 1940. In 2009, the service ended, partly because of financial reasons.

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  • Denver has the "Cool" Factor

    Posted on September 17 2016

    If you don’t know anything about Denver, you may assume that its first permanent structure was something like a bank or church. You’d be wrong - it was a saloon, possibly setting the city up to be one of the U.S.’s coolest in 2016.

    Denver brews more beer than any other U.S. city. Coors Brewery in Golden, which is close to the city, is the largest brewing site in the world. There are also tons of boutique microbreweries, brewpubs and taprooms throughout Denver, particularly in the downtown and metro areas. There are upwards of 200 different beers brewed there daily, including everything from IPAs to sours.

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  • Colorado Pro Business Legislative Initiatives

    Posted on June 16 2016

    Governor John Hickenlooper signed a number of small business measures that have potential effects on company operations. Business leaders believe the Colorado Business Legislation improves the state’s business atmosphere. Several of the bills deal with employer-employee issues. They include the following.

    Brian DelGrosso, House Majority Leader, sponsored House Bill 1114 that eliminates duplicate reporting requirements. Federal government requirements mandate employers to attest to the verification of an employee’s legal work status by submitting documentation within 20 days of hiring. According to DelGrosso, to have a state form that mirrors the federal form is the sort of redundancy Republicans wanted to eliminate this session.

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  • Denver Housing Market

    Posted on March 31 2016

    The Denver Housing Market is both overpriced and un-affordable to first-time home buyers per a recent Morgan Stanley poll.  89 percent of wealthy people in the Metro area agree with the Morgan Stanley survey. The market is out pricing first-time home buyers. Many people in the real estate community are growing concerned about a possible bubble.   Todd Hauer, a Morgan Stanley financial advisor, thinks that the 2008 economic crisis is still on people’s minds. People are very cautious as a result.

    There is a split between poll respondents in that 49 percent backed the Denver Housing Market. They feel that people between the ages of 25 and 75 should invest in the Denver area. However, 51 percent did not feel the same way.  Hauer said that due to the 2008 housing bubble, whenever the real estate market or any other asset class goes up, risk also increases. The same applies to the reverse.

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  • Downtown Denver Draws More Relocating Companies

    Posted on March 22 2016

    A Dynamic City

    Recently, the growing popularity of downtown Denver, Colorado as a site for business relocation attracted considerable media interest. Several large tech companies decided to move into offices in this area. New arrivals on the scene include branch offices of World Wide Technology, DISH NetworkTIAA and Remote Learner.

    These developments have naturally pleased Denver city officials and planning department personnel. Today, many metropolitan areas compete to attract new commercial activity. Companies that move into downtown neighborhoods help revitalize economic activity. They often herald the arrival of additional enterprises in the near future.

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  • Awesome Reasons To Visit Denver, Colorado

    Posted on February 19 2016

    Denver, Colorado is a breath taking place. From the beautiful scenery to the staggeringly diverse culture, a visit to Denver is a must for any travel junkie. Below are some of the must see places and attractions that Denver has to offer.

    The Rocky Mountains

    No city in the United States boasts such beautiful scenery as Denver does. The majestic Rocky Mountains provide the perfect backdrop to this beautiful city, as the snow capped peaks tower over the clouds in the distance.

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  • Denver to be revitalized by Panasonics Smart City Plans

    Posted on January 31 2016

    In Las Vegas a few weeks ago, at the 2016 International CES big tech consumer electronics show, Panasonic announced new details associated with their big initiative and partnership with the city and county of Denver, called the Panasonic City Now Project.

    Looking to address the needs of both millennials and baby-boomers, Panasonic hopes to empower, Denver, the fastest growing city in the U.S., with the best technology, as an equalizer to help people improve their lives. Technology will be used to improve infrastructure, transportation, management, security, and energy-efficiency. Improvements will make the city a better place to travel to, as well as to live and work in.

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