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  • Denver's Tiny Home Solution to Homelessness

    Posted on March 30 2017

    Homelessness is a problem everywhere, but those in Colorado are experiencing this issue at a different scale. Statistics show that the state just saw a 24 percent spike of homeless veterans, which has definitely alarmed some in the state. Denver is taking on the fight in a creative way by introducing a tiny village for homeless people.

    What are Tiny Homes?

    Tiny homes are high-efficiency homes that allow a person to live in a small area. This type of house is eco-friendly and usually does not take much money or time to build. It is quite popular among millennials as an alternative to buying a regular home. One of the reasons people love it is because it limits space, making those that dwell in these homes minimalists.

    The tiny homes that are going to be built in Denver will be completely off grid. This means solar panels will provide lights, power, and temperature control to each of the units.

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