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  • The History of Christmas: Christmas Traditions

    Posted on June 22 2015

    Christmas has always had its own group of traditions that people have enjoyed for centuries. These Christmas traditions have come from many different places and sets of beliefs.

    Christmas Trees

    The Christmas tree is said to have pagan origins, as an adaptation of tree worship. It is said that a missionary to Germanic pagans in the 8th century said that the fir tree was more fitting to look to than the oak tree dedicated to Thor, since it pointed towards heaven and its triangular shape was symbolic of the trinity.

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  • The History of Christmas: The Day

    Posted on June 09 2015

    Though many Christians who observe Christmas may consider this one of the main festivals of the year, it wasn’t always the case. In the early Christian church, Easter was much more prominent, focusing on the promise of redemption from Christ’s death and resurrection.

    Since Easter also falls during Passover, the celebration was also very well entrenched in society.  It was easy to interpret the Passover celebration in terms of Christ’s death. In early church writings, there is much about Jesus’ death and resurrection, but little about his birth.

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  • The History of Christmas Lights

    Posted on February 07 2015

    The first Christmas trees were lit by small candles tied to branches. (Which was a real bad plan as you will read later) One popular myth is that Martin Luther decorated the first Christmas tree in this way, to show his children how the stars would shine through the trees. However, the tradition of decorated Christmas trees truly became popular worldwide when a sketch of Queen Victoria and her family with their decorated and lit Christmas tree appeared in the Illustrated London News in 1848.

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