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  • Santa's Chinese Workshop

    Posted on February 05 2018

    When you decorate your home with festive Christmas decorations each year, you may not pause to think about where they are made. If you do give this matter a second thought, a passing image of elves tinkering away in a charming North Pole workshop may come to mind. The reality, however, is that many of your holiday decorations are likely made in Yiwu, China. This is a very commercialized environment that is anything but the vision of Santa's Workshop that may come to mind. In fact, snow, pine trees and reindeer are nowhere to be found.

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  • Japan's KFC Christmas

    Posted on January 15 2018

    Did you know that only 1 to 2 percent of Japanese nationals are Christians? Japan is a predominantly Shinto and Buddhist nation. Therefore, Christmas is not a traditional holiday for most Japanese. In fact, the day is considered a romantic holiday, the equivalent of Valentine's Day. Curiously, it is a time to enjoy a uniquely Japanese experience.

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  • Gaylord Palms Christmas

    Posted on July 31 2017

    You do not need to travel to the frigid northern region of the country this winter to enjoy the pronounced beauty of snow and ice during the holidays. From November 21, 2017 through January 7, 2018, visitors and locals alike can delight in the magic of ICE! featuring Christmas Around the World. This is an incredible cultural celebration that will help to get you and your loved ones in the holiday spirit, and it will delight those of all ages. 

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  • 7 Things to Know About the Winter Solstice

    Posted on December 21 2016

    While winter for most people starts around the first of December, some people don't believe winter starts until Christmas is almost here. Actually, those who believe winter starts around Christmas are technically correct. The winter solstice is considered the beginning of winter itself. Here are some more facts about the winter solstice. 

    Winter and Summer
    While the Northern Hemisphere sees winter in December, the Southern Hemisphere is enjoying its summer solstice at the same time. Everywhere that it's winter, there's another part of the world celebrating summer.

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  • 2016 Christmas Sales Expected to Rise For Retailers

    Posted on October 31 2016

    With Christmas around the corner, retailers are all too keen to recognize their growing competition for seasonal shopping: Several chain department stores have closed locations; Hanjin's bankruptcy may affect when some products make it to stores; some consumers may only bite if they know they're getting a deal and e-commerce champions like Amazon are a constant factor.

    While all these factors seem dangerous to the retail sector, assessments by certain parties indicate good news. The National Retail Federation is expecting a 3.6% increase in sales in the last two months of the year, based on the trend that Christmas time retail sales have risen by more than 50% over the past 15 years; roughly one-fifth of yearly earnings. Furthermore, a study by PwC indicates this year's Christmas spending will reach its highest point since 2008.

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  • Lights of Hope Sale Delayed; Volunteers to Run This Year’s Show

    Posted on August 31 2016

    When Lights of Hope Director Ben Phillips announced recently that he was selling the popular Christmas light display, many in Anderson, South Carolina, feared that this would be the end of a 22-year-long tradition. Fortunately, two volunteers, Kara Danowski and Nettie Griffin, have stepped up to ensure that the 2016 Christmas display will go forward as normal.

    Phillips, who took over the show in 2005 along with Dennis Lavold, has been searching for a buyer for the light show since January but only recently made the decision public. Phillips says the decision was difficult but that other commitments and changes in his personal life did not leave enough time to devote to the show. Phillips will be marrying his fiancé, Lights of Hope board member Bonnie Ginepro this fall. Ginepro has also accepted a new job, which will require the couple to relocate to Duncan. Lavold plans to spend time traveling and visiting his grandchildren. At the time of the initial announcement, Phillips said that deciding to sell the light show felt like losing a member of the family.

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  • Why is Nepal is Cancelling Christmas?

    Posted on April 28 2016

    Nepal is cancelling Christmas, and it’s caused quite an uproar. Supposedly, the government is only trying to reduce the number of public holidays, and Christmas Day was taken off the list for that reason. Christians believe there are other, more spiteful reasons for cancelling Christmas. Protestants and Catholics are enraged.

    Though Christians are a religious minority in Nepal, they are powerful. Christians refuse to accept the elimination of Christmas Day from the official list of holidays. Protestants and Catholics are leading the country in a series of protests.

    On behalf of Hindus and Buddhists, about 80 holidays and national celebrations are on the calendar. Christmas Day was the only holiday in celebration of Christian beliefs.

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  • Rockefeller Center Tree Transformed into a Home for a Family in Need

    Posted on April 14 2016

    What happens to the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree once the lights dim for the last time? Throngs of people swarm New York to see this majestic tree rise for the first time. Audiences all over the world tuned in for the lighting ceremony that was broadcast on December 2nd of last year. All in all, 45,000 Christmas lights adorn this majestic 78 foot Norway Spruce as it is an iconic holiday landmark for the Big Apple. Now find out the rest of the story after the lights were turned off for the last time on January 6th, 2016.

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  • The History of Christmas: Santa Claus

    Posted on July 01 2015

    Whether you know him as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, or simply Santa Claus, this figure has come to symbolize Christmas for many people. This mythical figure has many points of origin, from history, folklore and legend. Children look forward to his visits, and the story is that he travels the world, visiting all good girls and boys, and leaving them gifts.  Let’s take a look at some of the stories surrounding this symbolic figure.

    The Historic Saint Nicholas

    Saint Nicholas of Myra was a 4th century Greek bishop in a province of the Byzantine Empire. He was devoted to his religion from an early age. When his parents died in an epidemic, he went to be raised by his uncle, the bishop of Patara. The bishop trained the young Nicholas as a liturgical reader and later ordained him as a priest.

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  • The History of Christmas: Christmas Traditions

    Posted on June 22 2015

    Christmas has always had its own group of traditions that people have enjoyed for centuries. These Christmas traditions have come from many different places and sets of beliefs.

    Christmas Trees

    The Christmas tree is said to have pagan origins, as an adaptation of tree worship. It is said that a missionary to Germanic pagans in the 8th century said that the fir tree was more fitting to look to than the oak tree dedicated to Thor, since it pointed towards heaven and its triangular shape was symbolic of the trinity.

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