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  • Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights

    Posted on May 15 2018

    Christmas just wouldn't feel like Christmas without the millions of twinkling lights. They make the modest places seem festive and magical. Some people prefer subtle approach, outlining the roofline and maybe adding a couple of lighted topiaries on each side of the front entrance. Others enjoy a more elaborate affair when hanging Christmas lights. They like to outline not just the roofline, but the front door, the windows, all shrubs, most trees, and any outbuildings or fences.

    No matter your decorating style, safety is essential. Every year thousands of people visit an emergence room with injuries related to hanging Christmas lights. Don't let an avoidable mishap dim your Christmas spirit.

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  • Christmas Light Power Usage & Extension Cords

    Posted on March 30 2018

    Before buying your Christmas lights you will need to have the right extension cords, timers and power calculations.  Given these we will be able to calculate the total amount of power you can use which may limit the total amount of Christmas Lights you can buy.  

    There are a few things to note about safety before you get started with your decorating. Outdoor cords should be marked with labels that read either UL or ETL. These labels let consumers like me, and you know that the cord has been tested by a group with an independent laboratory, known as Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or the OSHA. The packaging that the cord comes in should also state whether the cord is for indoor or outdoor use. Since we are decorating outdoors, we need an outdoor cord, since these cords are weatherproof and can be used in harsh conditions like ice and snow. Not only are they water proof but the outdoor extension cords are generally thicker due to the insulation and sheathing that is used which makes them more sturdy and able to carry current over longer distances.  Another thing to get for your decorating is automatic timers. These work by turning off your lights during the night and when you aren’t at home.


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  • Gaylord Palms Christmas

    Posted on July 31 2017

    You do not need to travel to the frigid northern region of the country this winter to enjoy the pronounced beauty of snow and ice during the holidays. From November 21, 2017 through January 7, 2018, visitors and locals alike can delight in the magic of ICE! featuring Christmas Around the World. This is an incredible cultural celebration that will help to get you and your loved ones in the holiday spirit, and it will delight those of all ages. 

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  • Lights of Hope Sale Delayed; Volunteers to Run This Year’s Show

    Posted on August 31 2016

    When Lights of Hope Director Ben Phillips announced recently that he was selling the popular Christmas light display, many in Anderson, South Carolina, feared that this would be the end of a 22-year-long tradition. Fortunately, two volunteers, Kara Danowski and Nettie Griffin, have stepped up to ensure that the 2016 Christmas display will go forward as normal.

    Phillips, who took over the show in 2005 along with Dennis Lavold, has been searching for a buyer for the light show since January but only recently made the decision public. Phillips says the decision was difficult but that other commitments and changes in his personal life did not leave enough time to devote to the show. Phillips will be marrying his fiancé, Lights of Hope board member Bonnie Ginepro this fall. Ginepro has also accepted a new job, which will require the couple to relocate to Duncan. Lavold plans to spend time traveling and visiting his grandchildren. At the time of the initial announcement, Phillips said that deciding to sell the light show felt like losing a member of the family.

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  • Christmas Tree Lights History

    Posted on August 16 2016

    Christmas tree lights history can be traced back to holiday trends as far back as the 18th century. Originally, what we know today as Christmas tree lights were mainly referred to as "fairy lights" in the United Kingdom. The practice of lighted Christmas trees was originally introduced alongside a substantially increasing rate of emigration to America and Australia in the early 1800s. Christmas tree illumination prominently referenced in the Christmas Eve memoir of a young Queen Victoria, a 13-year-old princess in the year 1832.

    Up until the 1890s, the primary form of Christmas tree illumination was through candles affixed to tree branches with either pins or melted wax. It wasn't until shortly around the turn of the 20th century that candles were attached to Christmas tress with glass holders; prior to the holders, it wasn't uncommon for candle-based tree lighting to pose a considerable fire hazard.

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  • Wireless Christmas Lights

    Posted on May 31 2016

    For many people, Christmas is a fun and exciting time of year, but the task of setting up and installing the lights can be overwhelming, especially when the wires become tangled. But decorating for the holidays should not have to be a chore. Luckily, a solution has been created to simplify the process of decorating your tree each year; people now have the option to purchase Christmas lights that don't require any wires. When people think of wireless Christmas lights, they often picture traditional lights that can be turned on and off remotely, but this is different. These wireless Christmas lights don't need to be plugged in because they receive their power remotely.

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  • Interactive Site Shares Christmas Lights Controls with Visitors

    Posted on January 23 2016

    The hanging of Christmas or Holiday lights around your property, to decorate for the holiday season, has many traditions, especially in the U.S.

    Local news stations hold contests for the best lights in the area. Some homeowners like to compete with each other, and try to outdo themselves or their neighbors year after year. Often, just to add to the spirit of our neighborhood, we all like to contribute something, whether it is a lot or a little, there is no limit to the look and feel we can achieve.

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