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  • SPT-1 vs SPT-2 Electrical Line

    Posted on December 31 2017

    When planning an outdoor Christmas decorating project or if you have any other outdoor electrical needs, the question about what type of cord to use may arise. Some people research the differences between SPT-1 and SPT-2 cords online with the belief that the information that they will find is correct. However, there are several common misconceptions about these cords online, and you do not want to be swayed into making a less than ideal decision based on erroneous information. Before you install any type of outdoor lights, focus your attention on these factors in order to make the right decision for your needs and goals.

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  • Wireless Christmas Lights

    Posted on May 31 2016

    For many people, Christmas is a fun and exciting time of year, but the task of setting up and installing the lights can be overwhelming, especially when the wires become tangled. But decorating for the holidays should not have to be a chore. Luckily, a solution has been created to simplify the process of decorating your tree each year; people now have the option to purchase Christmas lights that don't require any wires. When people think of wireless Christmas lights, they often picture traditional lights that can be turned on and off remotely, but this is different. These wireless Christmas lights don't need to be plugged in because they receive their power remotely.

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  • Kickstarter: World's Largest LED Christmas Lights

    Posted on October 16 2015

    While there are lots of ways to “super size” things in your life, most of them are kind of bad for you, but who could argue with really big Christmas lights? A new product has made its way to market for your holiday decorating needs. Really Big Lights are over a foot tall, are lit by LEDs and are designed to last for years.

    What Makes Really Big Lights So Great?

    Besides their huge size making them the largest holiday lights in the world, they have a universal hook system, making them easy to hang anywhere. Since they are LED powered, they are energy efficient, and have been UL approved. In addition, many lights can be linked together, increasing your decorating possibilities. The large, brightly colored lights also have a retro look about them, making them a unique centerpiece to any holiday lighting display.

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  • Common Mistakes Buying LED Christmas Lights

    Posted on September 20 2015

    While Christmas LED lights are some of the most energy efficient and brightest you can find, there are some mistakes that are commonly made by consumers when buying them. The result is that sometimes LED lights can get a misleading reputation from consumers that unknowingly made these mistakes and were dissatisfied with their purchases.

    Here are some common mistakes by consumers who have bought LED lights.

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  • The History of Christmas Trees

    Posted on September 10 2015

    The start of the Christmas Tree tradition is usually credited to Germany, in about the 16th century. It is believed that the Martin Luther, father of the Protestant Reformation, first added lights in the form of candles to his holiday tree. He had remembered seeing the stars twinkling among the evergreen trees on a walk one evening, and wished to share the scene with his family by illuminating Christmas trees with candles.

    Christmas Trees in America

    Though it would seem a common thing today, in the 19th century, Christmas Trees were an oddity. German settlers in Pennsylvania had the first recorded displayed Christmas tree in about 1830. Though these settlements had had trees for at least one hundred years prior, most Americans still saw them as pagan symbols.

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  • Choosing the Right Clips for Your Christmas Lights

    Posted on August 31 2015

    Each year, millions of people decide to put up holiday lights. They plan out what type of lights they want, what patterns or designs they want to arrange, and buy millions of strands to create festive displays.

    Many people forget that there is a right way and many, many wrong ways to attach Christmas lights to their houses, bushes and fences. This can be hazardous, depending on how they attach the lights, and may also damage their property.

    Choosing the right light clips for the materials your house is made of is extremely important for the look of the lighting design and for the safety of your property.

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  • Hanging Christmas Lights can be Dangerous

    Posted on August 14 2015

    Ron Cooper was known for his elaborate Christmas lighting displays. He did it for the fun of it, and to bring joy to others. Unfortunately, with an elaborate Christmas display comes a difficult installation and removal process, and in January of 2015, Mr. Cooper fell off of his roof while removing his display, and was in a coma for some time.  All of this could have been avoided by using a professional to install and remove his Christmas display.

    Many people do not enjoy going up on ladders to hang lights, and that’s great but please be safe if you are going to do it. For most people, the idea of untangling and hanging multiple strands of lighting is not at all appealing.

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  • Feds to Regulate Christmas Lights

    Posted on July 15 2015

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued new regulations for Christmas lights effective in May of 2015. The regulation describes some of the decorations as being substantially hazardous. With these regulations come specifications for minimum wire size, strain relief and overcurrent protection. While it is said that these characteristics are issued as a “voluntary standard”, the manufacturers of those decorations may be subject to fines and perhaps criminal penalties for non-compliance.

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  • The History of Christmas: Christmas Traditions

    Posted on June 22 2015

    Christmas has always had its own group of traditions that people have enjoyed for centuries. These Christmas traditions have come from many different places and sets of beliefs.

    Christmas Trees

    The Christmas tree is said to have pagan origins, as an adaptation of tree worship. It is said that a missionary to Germanic pagans in the 8th century said that the fir tree was more fitting to look to than the oak tree dedicated to Thor, since it pointed towards heaven and its triangular shape was symbolic of the trinity.

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  • The History of Christmas Lights

    Posted on February 07 2015

    The first Christmas trees were lit by small candles tied to branches. (Which was a real bad plan as you will read later) One popular myth is that Martin Luther decorated the first Christmas tree in this way, to show his children how the stars would shine through the trees. However, the tradition of decorated Christmas trees truly became popular worldwide when a sketch of Queen Victoria and her family with their decorated and lit Christmas tree appeared in the Illustrated London News in 1848.

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