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  • Gaylord Palms Christmas

    Posted on July 31 2017

    You do not need to travel to the frigid northern region of the country this winter to enjoy the pronounced beauty of snow and ice during the holidays. From November 21, 2017 through January 7, 2018, visitors and locals alike can delight in the magic of ICE! featuring Christmas Around the World. This is an incredible cultural celebration that will help to get you and your loved ones in the holiday spirit, and it will delight those of all ages. 

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  • Cool Christmas Light Ideas

    Posted on July 23 2017

    Decorations are a phenomenal element of most holiday season. At Christmas on many occasions, lights are at the center of these decorations. You can use different types of lights to create a wonderful environment in your home both and outdoors during the Christmas season. There are a wide variety of variations and styles of Christmas lights available in the markets. Below are some creative Christmas light ideas you should try.

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  • Places to Keep Cool in Denver this Summer

    Posted on June 26 2017

    Well, the heat of the summer is here, and when you live in a city like Denver, keeping cool isn't as challenging as say Phoenix, but it can still be difficult. After doing a bit of research, I found out that there are plenty of locations to get away from the summer heat. Let’s take a look at a few of them that are less than 100 miles from the state capitol.

    Water Parks
    I really love taking my family to a water park. It is exciting and relaxing at the same time. My kids love the water slides, and I could spend the entire day floating down the lazy river. 

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  • LED, Lighting the Way in Consumer Energy Products

    Posted on June 18 2017

    LED lights are quickly becoming the most favored light source in American households. The United States Department of Energy has estimated that due to rising demand, prices for LED bulbs have dropped ninety percent since 2008. 

    LED bulbs are targeted towards customers through guaranteed savings. These savings have been proven by the Consumer Federation of America. Recently conducted studies about switching over to LED lighting have shown individual projected savings are greater than $1,000 over the span of the next 10 years. 

    What the Consumer Federation of America also found notable is that these bulbs only use approximately one dollar of electricity annually and usually cost less than five dollars to purchase! In comparison with incandescent and halogen bulbs, LED proves to be the cheapest, most efficient, and longest lasting option.

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  • 7 Best Rooftop Restaurants in Denver CO

    Posted on May 30 2017

    Eating and drinking at rooftop restaurants seem to be popular pastimes in Denver, Colorado. Fresh air and sunshine or cool evenings with a view of the city lights are bonuses when great food and beverages are involved. Seven of the best restaurants perched high above the streets of Denver offer great choices.

    ViewHouse Eatery, Bar & Rooftop Ballpark
    Boasting the largest LED TV screen in the state of Colorado, this rooftop eatery is a short five-minute walk from Coors Field. Enjoy lunches, brunches, happy hours and dinners with signature dishes using local, fresh and organic ingredients in their NEVER EVER food campaign. Ladies' nights and sports events cater to fans and families alike. Bar activities and fire pits add to the experience.

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  • Turable LED Lightening takes Center Stage

    Posted on May 15 2017

    One of the most commonly reinvented features of a home as of late are lighting options. One of the best types of technology available for lighting is tunable solid-state lighting (SSL), which works to control both color and intensity of lights in a given location. These lights include features like human centric lighting (HCL) and Visa Lighting. Some companies that have worked on tunable LED lighting of technology include Acuity Brands and Philips Lighting. Their goal is to offer enhanced well being for people through lighting options in their living and working spaces.

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  • The Difficulty of Making a Living in Denver

    Posted on April 30 2017

    New information indicates that something is rotten in the city of Denver as far as finding a job that pays enough money to support a family with one, single position goes. The city has one of the lowest unemployment rates and has a strong economy, so this issue should not exist. However, they are only a mask to the truth about what is really going on for people who try to find a single job to support themselves in this city. In short, it has become one of the best cities where which people want to work and live. However, there is one problem: the cost of living is super high, and people’s wages do not match this concern, so they have to work more than one job in order to make a living in a city where the cost of living is rather high.

    The plus side is there are many career options in this city. People from many educational and training backgrounds can find a position in Denver with some ease. Some of these jobs include non-profit organizations, health care, education, and so on. Everything from an entry-level administrative assistant to head honcho CEO positions is available. Most of these positions are white collar, and they usually offer a salary wage instead of an hourly wage.

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  • Different Smart Lighting Options that Can Benefit Your Home

    Posted on April 15 2017

    Overall, it can be hard to tell the difference between light fixtures. Sometimes it could be buttons or dimming features. Smart lighting is one major detail that can differentiate light fixtures. Adding smart lighting will guarantee that you never have to enter a dark area again. Here are a few ways that you can add smart lighting to your home.

    iDevices Switch 

    iDevices Switch stands out among a series of smart plugs. It can smarten up any type of lamp or any other device that is plugged into it. iDevices Switch also adds in options for voice control through Amazon Alexa and Siri. The iDevices Switch is the only smart plug with a built in nightlight and a side outlet.

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  • Denver's Tiny Home Solution to Homelessness

    Posted on March 30 2017

    Homelessness is a problem everywhere, but those in Colorado are experiencing this issue at a different scale. Statistics show that the state just saw a 24 percent spike of homeless veterans, which has definitely alarmed some in the state. Denver is taking on the fight in a creative way by introducing a tiny village for homeless people.

    What are Tiny Homes?

    Tiny homes are high-efficiency homes that allow a person to live in a small area. This type of house is eco-friendly and usually does not take much money or time to build. It is quite popular among millennials as an alternative to buying a regular home. One of the reasons people love it is because it limits space, making those that dwell in these homes minimalists.

    The tiny homes that are going to be built in Denver will be completely off grid. This means solar panels will provide lights, power, and temperature control to each of the units.

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  • Denver Entrepreneur Introduces Smart Energy Solution

    Posted on March 16 2017

    With the Internet of Things becoming an integral part of everyday living, even the process of controlling energy consumption has entered the realm of connectivity. Cody Miller, an entrepreneur from Denver, turned this concept into reality through the Ion Smart Outlet. This handy energy saving device remotely controls electricity usage through a smartphone or electronic tablet. 

    The innovative device seeks to address standby power issues at home and at work. Homes and businesses unknowingly waste power every day. Plugged electronic devices, even when turned off, still siphon electricity from the grid. Even if that device looks blissfully resting in one corner, it may be quietly tugging through the electric meter. 

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