Did you know you can synchronize your Christmas lights with your favorite music to make your seasonal and holiday events delightful and fun? Well, a new smart device from Asante called TapTap does exactly that and much more. According to an excerpt published on the technology site Digital Trends, the device is easy to set up because you do not need to follow long instruction or conduct coding maneuvers to come up with a well-coordinated show of light and music. The new device can operate impeccably with other 110 Volt holiday lights available in the market. To begin your TapTap holiday lighting installation, use any of the 6 available outlets on the device to plug your lights, and then download your free TapTap app. 

You can pick your music selection from the built in music library or use your smart device to import your favorite music selection. Once you are done, tap the application to create a flashing light that matches the music beat you want to play. The device allows you to connect up to 6 different light strands. Anytime you want to edit the light scheme, simply tap the beats. The show of light can be customized with a choice or gradient lighting and steady lighting. Each connected light is controlled using a separate channel. This means the light you set on your yard, inside the house and outside are channeled separately while the draping design you choose totally depends on what you want to achieve. 

Once everything is done and dusted, the resulting effect is an impressive show with tantalizing visuals that will mesmerize everyone from your family to neighbors across the block. In terms of product safety and use, the addition of the IP45 classification protects the device from the elements such as water and dust. This means you can use the device outside the confines of your house. To protect your device from water and moisture, you can use outdoor lighting fixtures, AC socket covers, AV dust cover caps and waterproof extension cords. TapTap can be used in any kind of property. The product has a superb range of 115 feet as well as the ability to connect to a wireless signal. Adding Asante HF can extend your coverage for up to 5,000sq-ft across several blocks. 

With regards to product specifications, TapTap’s front view features speaker, power button, signal indicator, power button and Cloud service port. The right rear side features phone jack, reset button, audio connector, AC-Out and home extender switch. The complete TapTap set weighs 2535g and comes with an aluminum stand and pole designed to hold the device on the ground under all conditions. The device should, however, be protected against thunderstorm and ice. The initial shipment of TapTap is expected in mid November, 2016. The Asante app is available for both Android and iOS gadgets. You can rock your holiday season with this once in a lifetime gift expected to retail at a price range of between $200 to $250.