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  • Turable LED Lightening takes Center Stage

    Posted on May 15 2017

    One of the most commonly reinvented features of a home as of late are lighting options. One of the best types of technology available for lighting is tunable solid-state lighting (SSL), which works to control both color and intensity of lights in a given location. These lights include features like human centric lighting (HCL) and Visa Lighting. Some companies that have worked on tunable LED lighting of technology include Acuity Brands and Philips Lighting. Their goal is to offer enhanced well being for people through lighting options in their living and working spaces.

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  • Lighting Study Reveals Why LED Lighting is Healthier

    Posted on February 11 2017

    For anyone that has worked in an office or classroom with flickering florescent lights, results of the lighting can cause side effects that lower productivity and can make individuals' physically ill. A new environmental health study just released by Energy Focus, Inc. supports the need to exchange older lighting systems out for LED lighting that is flicker-free, green and just plain healthier to be around. Although the study looked at a number of factors affecting employee health and productivity, researchers discovered that 69% of workers complained most about health issues associated with elements of florescent lighting such as glare, brightness and excessive flickering.

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  • Common Mistakes Buying LED Christmas Lights

    Posted on September 20 2015

    While Christmas LED lights are some of the most energy efficient and brightest you can find, there are some mistakes that are commonly made by consumers when buying them. The result is that sometimes LED lights can get a misleading reputation from consumers that unknowingly made these mistakes and were dissatisfied with their purchases.

    Here are some common mistakes by consumers who have bought LED lights.

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