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  • Do Christmas Lights Really Slow Down Your WiFi?

    Posted on May 07 2016

    As each holiday season approaches, it’s not uncommon to read warnings about Chistmas lights slowing WiFi down. Some people believe that these decorations have a major impact on wireless Internet speeds, but is this really true? Depending on various factors, interference from Christmas lights may or may not actually affect your connection.

    How it Works

    Wireless Internet equipment communicates with your computer and other devices via radio waves. Many electronics and machines produce interference that can reduce data transfer speeds. Holiday light sets do this to a limited degree, so they have the potential to affect wireless communications.

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  • Why do My Christmas Lights Keep Going Out?

    Posted on December 30 2014

    It can be frustrating: you get all your holiday decorations up and all your lights seem to work, but after a little while, certain lights don’t work anymore. You want to be able to enjoy your lights but that is hard to do when you’re constantly faced with lights that go out without warning.  Here are some possible reasons and solutions to fix why this may be happening to you?

    Faulty Bulbs

    The number one culprit when portions of a strand of Christmas lights go out is a single faulty bulb. If you isolate the location of the bulb, you can easily replace it and restore power to the entire strand. You can find the bad bulb easily by using a light tester. These inexpensive units are often included with larger light sets and can be found at most retail and hardware stores.

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  • Locating the Bad Bulb in a Christmas Light Strand

    Posted on December 19 2014

    It’s one of the most common holiday time problems: an entire section or strand of holiday lights is out. The problem often lies with just one bulb. The problem is, it can be difficult to isolate that bulb, especially if it is part of a particularly long strand.

    If you want to spend more time enjoying your holiday display than you do setting it up, you will need to figure out a way to find that bulb and replace it quickly.

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