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  • Amazing New Show of Holiday Lights and Music from TapTap

    Posted on October 03 2016

    Did you know you can synchronize your Christmas lights with your favorite music to make your seasonal and holiday events delightful and fun? Well, a new smart device from Asante called TapTap does exactly that and much more. According to an excerpt published on the technology site Digital Trends, the device is easy to set up because you do not need to follow long instruction or conduct coding maneuvers to come up with a well-coordinated show of light and music. The new device can operate impeccably with other 110 Volt holiday lights available in the market. To begin your TapTap holiday lighting installation, use any of the 6 available outlets on the device to plug your lights, and then download your free TapTap app. 

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  • Wireless Christmas Lights

    Posted on May 31 2016

    For many people, Christmas is a fun and exciting time of year, but the task of setting up and installing the lights can be overwhelming, especially when the wires become tangled. But decorating for the holidays should not have to be a chore. Luckily, a solution has been created to simplify the process of decorating your tree each year; people now have the option to purchase Christmas lights that don't require any wires. When people think of wireless Christmas lights, they often picture traditional lights that can be turned on and off remotely, but this is different. These wireless Christmas lights don't need to be plugged in because they receive their power remotely.

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  • Interactive Site Shares Christmas Lights Controls with Visitors

    Posted on January 23 2016

    The hanging of Christmas or Holiday lights around your property, to decorate for the holiday season, has many traditions, especially in the U.S.

    Local news stations hold contests for the best lights in the area. Some homeowners like to compete with each other, and try to outdo themselves or their neighbors year after year. Often, just to add to the spirit of our neighborhood, we all like to contribute something, whether it is a lot or a little, there is no limit to the look and feel we can achieve.

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  • Kickstarter: World's Largest LED Christmas Lights

    Posted on October 16 2015

    While there are lots of ways to “super size” things in your life, most of them are kind of bad for you, but who could argue with really big Christmas lights? A new product has made its way to market for your holiday decorating needs. Really Big Lights are over a foot tall, are lit by LEDs and are designed to last for years.

    What Makes Really Big Lights So Great?

    Besides their huge size making them the largest holiday lights in the world, they have a universal hook system, making them easy to hang anywhere. Since they are LED powered, they are energy efficient, and have been UL approved. In addition, many lights can be linked together, increasing your decorating possibilities. The large, brightly colored lights also have a retro look about them, making them a unique centerpiece to any holiday lighting display.

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