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  • Understanding How LED Lighting Works

    Posted on July 21 2018

    In the past several years, the conventional light bulb has started to become phased out and replaced by light emitting diodes. LED Lighting has become really popular because they use very little electricity and burn just as brightly as the regular incandescent bulbs. The difference between LEDs and the regular bulb is that while the regular bulbs allow flow of electricity in two directions, the special LED diode has a p-n junction and allows electricity to only flow in one direction. This makes the bulbs durable and very effective. Here are a few things that you need to know about how LEDs function.

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  • Effective Tips to Make Your Office More Productive

    Posted on October 15 2017

    Productivity matters to a company, especially one that is attempting to get the most out of their workers. The problem is that finding ways to encourage employees to perform at optimal levels can get a little tricky. The following are a few tips that may help encourage productivity across the board. 

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  • Introducing LG Flexible OLED Panels

    Posted on September 27 2017

    There are many different types of lights available on the market, and each type has its advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to light bulbs, the options are endless. You could go with the popular incandescent bulb or, perhaps, a fluorescent or halogen bulb. There are also energy-efficient options such as Compact Fluorescent (CFL) and Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs.

    Recently, however, another type of light has been developing in popularity. OLED is an LED which has an emissive electroluminescent layer made of an organic compound that puts out light as a response to electric currents. OLEDs are often used in television screens, computer monitors, cell phones, and handheld game consoles. Research has also been done into developing solid-state lighting with white OLED devices.

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  • What is the Nanoleaf Aurora?

    Posted on August 31 2017

    The Nanoleaf Aurora is an example of smart lighting in the current technological world. The smart lighting product was developed by Nanoleaf, a company that started as a Kickstarter campaign in the year of 2012. Nanoleaf's purpose is to use your walls as a source of innovation in both your home and the "commercial lighting industry."

    The Nanoleaf Aurora starter kit comes with nine panels and every other material necessary to get you started with your new smart lighting system. The starter kit costs $199.99, and each additional expansion kit containing three more panels costs $59.99. The prices may seem expensive, but when you keep in mind the running cost of most smart options these days, it fits in a bit more.

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  • LED, Lighting the Way in Consumer Energy Products

    Posted on June 18 2017

    LED lights are quickly becoming the most favored light source in American households. The United States Department of Energy has estimated that due to rising demand, prices for LED bulbs have dropped ninety percent since 2008. 

    LED bulbs are targeted towards customers through guaranteed savings. These savings have been proven by the Consumer Federation of America. Recently conducted studies about switching over to LED lighting have shown individual projected savings are greater than $1,000 over the span of the next 10 years. 

    What the Consumer Federation of America also found notable is that these bulbs only use approximately one dollar of electricity annually and usually cost less than five dollars to purchase! In comparison with incandescent and halogen bulbs, LED proves to be the cheapest, most efficient, and longest lasting option.

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  • Turable LED Lightening takes Center Stage

    Posted on May 15 2017

    One of the most commonly reinvented features of a home as of late are lighting options. One of the best types of technology available for lighting is tunable solid-state lighting (SSL), which works to control both color and intensity of lights in a given location. These lights include features like human centric lighting (HCL) and Visa Lighting. Some companies that have worked on tunable LED lighting of technology include Acuity Brands and Philips Lighting. Their goal is to offer enhanced well being for people through lighting options in their living and working spaces.

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  • Different Smart Lighting Options that Can Benefit Your Home

    Posted on April 15 2017

    Overall, it can be hard to tell the difference between light fixtures. Sometimes it could be buttons or dimming features. Smart lighting is one major detail that can differentiate light fixtures. Adding smart lighting will guarantee that you never have to enter a dark area again. Here are a few ways that you can add smart lighting to your home.

    iDevices Switch 

    iDevices Switch stands out among a series of smart plugs. It can smarten up any type of lamp or any other device that is plugged into it. iDevices Switch also adds in options for voice control through Amazon Alexa and Siri. The iDevices Switch is the only smart plug with a built in nightlight and a side outlet.

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  • LED Lighting, Improving The Look And Efficiency Of Automobiles

    Posted on February 28 2017

    There’s no doubt that the look of a car greatly influences one’s decision to purchase a car. With the developments in new automobile technology, parts of the car, like the front grille seem rather useless and unnecessary. But with an aim to make cars look a lot nicer, companies and designers are now taking a new route and adding embellishments to cars in the form of LED lighting. 

    Unlike normal lights which are normally used in cars, LED lighting tends to last longer and is more power efficient, contributing to the overall performance of the car. In addition, LED lights tend to emit less heat than standard lights and also serve as a great source of a high power light. With the transition of cars to their electronic versions, cars nowadays are getting a more sleek and stylish look owing to the creative designs and structures that can be formed using LED lights.

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  • Lighting Study Reveals Why LED Lighting is Healthier

    Posted on February 11 2017

    For anyone that has worked in an office or classroom with flickering florescent lights, results of the lighting can cause side effects that lower productivity and can make individuals' physically ill. A new environmental health study just released by Energy Focus, Inc. supports the need to exchange older lighting systems out for LED lighting that is flicker-free, green and just plain healthier to be around. Although the study looked at a number of factors affecting employee health and productivity, researchers discovered that 69% of workers complained most about health issues associated with elements of florescent lighting such as glare, brightness and excessive flickering.

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