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  • Christmas Lights are Going to Cost More This Year

    Posted on October 07 2018

    As the Trump administration enacts its plan for global trade wars, the effects are starting to hit home, and companies in Republican states are feeling the pinch. Now, red state mega corporation Walmart is pushing back at the Trump administration to save Christmas ... or Christmas lights at least.

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  • Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights

    Posted on May 15 2018

    Christmas just wouldn't feel like Christmas without the millions of twinkling lights. They make the modest places seem festive and magical. Some people prefer subtle approach, outlining the roofline and maybe adding a couple of lighted topiaries on each side of the front entrance. Others enjoy a more elaborate affair when hanging Christmas lights. They like to outline not just the roofline, but the front door, the windows, all shrubs, most trees, and any outbuildings or fences.

    No matter your decorating style, safety is essential. Every year thousands of people visit an emergence room with injuries related to hanging Christmas lights. Don't let an avoidable mishap dim your Christmas spirit.

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  • The Christmas Devil Krampus : From Mythology to Festivals

    Posted on March 12 2018

    The fabled Christmas devil Krampus is the exact opposite of Santa Claus. Santa pampers sweet children with gifts and treasures, while leaving only coal for mischievous ones. On the other hand, Krampus rewards no children, but he will whip them or worse yet, he will steal them and take them to the bowels of the underworld where he will either drown or eat them. In Norse mythology, he is the son of Hel. Hel rules over the underworld.

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  • SPT-1 vs SPT-2 Electrical Line

    Posted on December 31 2017

    When planning an outdoor Christmas decorating project or if you have any other outdoor electrical needs, the question about what type of cord to use may arise. Some people research the differences between SPT-1 and SPT-2 cords online with the belief that the information that they will find is correct. However, there are several common misconceptions about these cords online, and you do not want to be swayed into making a less than ideal decision based on erroneous information. Before you install any type of outdoor lights, focus your attention on these factors in order to make the right decision for your needs and goals.

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  • Christmas Tree Shortage this Holiday Season

    Posted on November 30 2017

    Christmas tree prices will Rise with the need to Import popular evergreen species due to fires and over farming in the past several years.  Several factors are contributing to the shortage of Balsam Fir, Blue Spruce, Fraser Fir, and Noble Fir trees this coming holiday season. GWD Forestry says that oversaturation of the Christmas tree market in previous years along with miscalculations in order totals were factors in last year's shortage. They expect the problem to grow this year. 

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  • Top 10 Christmas Vacation Destinations

    Posted on November 15 2017

    What better way is there to get in the Christmas spirit than to visit someplace that’s full of yuletide nostalgia? Here are this year’s top ten choices

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  • Broadmoor's Luxury Holiday Season

    Posted on August 15 2017

    If you are looking for a magical way to spend the Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday season with family or friends, a trip to The Broadmoor resort may be a wonderful idea to consider. The Broadmoor is the world’s oldest five-star resort, and it is ideally situated just west of Colorado Springs at the base of the Rocky Mountains. There are special winter holiday vacation packages that you can choose from, and you can enjoy fine dining, live entertainment, Christmas Lights and more on-site during your stay. 

    An Exceptional Setting for a Holiday Getaway
    It is common to find snow on the ground as well as in the surrounding Rocky Mountains during November and December, and this white backdrop sets the stage for a wonderful getaway. The Broadmoor resort has a history that spans more than 100 years. While it retains its historic charm, it has been renovated over the years to provide you with a modern and comfortable experience. Everything you need for an amazing getaway will be on-site or close by.

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  • Gaylord Palms Christmas

    Posted on July 31 2017

    You do not need to travel to the frigid northern region of the country this winter to enjoy the pronounced beauty of snow and ice during the holidays. From November 21, 2017 through January 7, 2018, visitors and locals alike can delight in the magic of ICE! featuring Christmas Around the World. This is an incredible cultural celebration that will help to get you and your loved ones in the holiday spirit, and it will delight those of all ages. 

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  • 7 Things to Know About the Winter Solstice

    Posted on December 21 2016

    While winter for most people starts around the first of December, some people don't believe winter starts until Christmas is almost here. Actually, those who believe winter starts around Christmas are technically correct. The winter solstice is considered the beginning of winter itself. Here are some more facts about the winter solstice. 

    Winter and Summer
    While the Northern Hemisphere sees winter in December, the Southern Hemisphere is enjoying its summer solstice at the same time. Everywhere that it's winter, there's another part of the world celebrating summer.

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  • Amazing New Show of Holiday Lights and Music from TapTap

    Posted on October 03 2016

    Did you know you can synchronize your Christmas lights with your favorite music to make your seasonal and holiday events delightful and fun? Well, a new smart device from Asante called TapTap does exactly that and much more. According to an excerpt published on the technology site Digital Trends, the device is easy to set up because you do not need to follow long instruction or conduct coding maneuvers to come up with a well-coordinated show of light and music. The new device can operate impeccably with other 110 Volt holiday lights available in the market. To begin your TapTap holiday lighting installation, use any of the 6 available outlets on the device to plug your lights, and then download your free TapTap app. 

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